One Snowy Week: Be You!

I've really been enjoying writing these blog posts and sharing little behind the scenes as to where the inspiration came from for 'One Snowy Week in Springhollow.' Last week I loved getting to bake and talk about gingerbread and I had so much fun talking about my fairy tale of New York. This week I wanted to talk about embracing all that you are.

"I believe that we're just one dream
Away from who we're meant to be
That we're standing on the edge of
Something big, something crazy
Our best days are yet unknown
That this moment is ours to own..."

One of the biggest messages in Scarlett's story is about finding yourself and embracing all that is you. Scarlett has struggled with this for a long time and it takes a little magic to help her see her light.

When Kelly and I were younger we often felt like the odd ones out. We never really felt like we belonged in a certain group or fit a specific stereotype. We were somewhat tomboys who wore Good Charlotte and wrestling T-shirts every day of our teenage years but we never really felt part of the punk scene or felt like we could hang with the guys that liked wrestling either; until we went to wrestling school. Our years being professional wrestlers gave us a family, but that didn't come without boat loads of self doubt and insecurities when it came to looking like or acting like the women in the big leagues at the time.

"Here's the one thing I want you to know
You got someplace to go
Life's a test, yes
But you go toe to toe
You don't give up, no, you grow..."

It's hard to feel like you are cool when you are being laughed at for the music you like or the heroes you look up to and it's difficult to feel confident in your own skin when you're being told you need to look more like this and act more like that. High school wasn't a fun place for us and the wrestling world could be quite intense. Even now we struggle with self confidence, anxiety and overthinking. Though, we will say that now we are older there is a certain level of freeness that comes with liking what we like and being who we are. Insecurities still niggle away. That feeling of having to justify liking something creeps in to the back of our minds and those feelings of not matching up to other people linger on occasion, but each day brings with it new lessons in being ourselves. 

"Shout, shout
C'mon and let it out, out
Don't gotta hide it
Let your colours blind their eyes
Be who you are no compromise..."

I wanted to touch on that today. It didn't really hit me until 'One Snowy Week in Springhollow' was completed and I was starting to chat about it and tell people what it was about, how much the scenes of Scarlett at school or how she felt without Devon by her side or the premise of her accepting what she wants to be, meant to me. They got me emotional. They hit home. I loved writing this book so much because of the festivity, romance and time of year, but it especially means the world to have the theme of Superheroes running through it and the message of loving who you are. I felt like the entire time I was writing it I was accepting my obsessions with, in this instance, Superheroes and batting away any doubts that maybe someone my age shouldn't be writing a romance that includes Superheroes. Furthermore, it felt freeing to acknowledge how much Devon's leaving affected Scarlett and how much she struggled with school. To some these things might seem little but just remembering the days when Kelly was off sick gives me anxiety. I can laugh now looking back on those days when Kelly was poorly and didn't go to school but my goodness they were not happy days for me. If you think that being Kelly's twin I would be worried about her and give her sympathy and leave the house wishing her a speedy recovery then you would be mistaken. I stormed out of our house angry at her and mad at her for leaving me to face school on my own. I would walk to school so slow and always have to go to the office having missed registration and my stomach knots just thinking about walking around the school and preparing for lunch time and walking into the cafeteria. Writing about Scarlett's fears kind of made me accept that these parts of myself are not silly and that my emotions were and are valid. 

(If you need a does of love, positivity and magic, we highly recommend you watch 'Julie and the Phantoms.)

If you feel a little lost not quite knowing where you fit in, wondering if you should be this or that or that you need to act a certain way or have accomplished set goals by the time you hit a certain age or that you are the only person feeling or going through certain things, please know you are not alone. Try to take a step back and breathe. All our journeys are different but try and focus on the now and concentrate on the love in your heart, the things that make you smile and the things that bring you joy, and know that those things find you for a reason. Who you are and what you love, it's all important because it allows the light within you to shine. When you're looking after number one, when you're loving yourself, you can allow that energy to spread and radiate that happiness with the world. The world needs more of that happy. The world needs more of you. It's not easy standing tall when you feel weak, scared or alone, but all those moments that were meant to knock you down, you will soon learn that they were only sent to show you how strong you can be. Now, I can look back on those stories and turn them into books, so you never know, maybe your book, your song, your script, your movie is just waiting for you to write it. 

"Wake up, wake up, if it's all you do
Look out, look inside of you
It's not what you lost, it's what you'll gain
Raising your voice to the rain
Wake up your dream and make it true..."

Also, I've peppered this post with some lyrics from Julie and the Phantoms simply because they make me smile and inspire me. I'm passing on the love without justification in hopes that they inspire you too. And, no there won't be any Phantoms in Book five... or will there?! :p

You can pre-order 'One Snowy Week in Springhollow' today! 

All my love! 


  1. This was a really beautiful post Lucy! It gave me a boost of positivity that I could really use now! Sending you lots of love! Baci!!

    1. Aww Thank you so much Lulu, I'm really glad it could help when you needed it! I hope you're doing ok! Sending all my love and hugs! Lucy xxx

  2. Thank you for sharing this very important post, Lucy! I can definitely relate to not liking high school, not fitting in, feeling insecure etc. But over time and through people I look up to such as yourself, I've learnt to be myself and embrace all of the things that make! So thank you for being a big inspiration to me! Lots of love, David xxx

    1. Aww David, i'm so happy that you have learnt to embrace all that is you! It's been such an important thing for me to talk about with this book as it's something I still struggle with all the time. Thank you for your kind words, they mean the world! Keep being you because you are wonderful! :) Lucy xx

    2. Thanks Lucy! Yes it's still a struggle sometimes for me too, but we must always stay true to ourselves! Also, I will most definitely be ordering One Snowy Week In Springhollow! :) David xxx

    3. Aww thank you so much David!! That means the world to me, it really does! :) Lucy xx