Book Review: When In Doubt Don't Chicken Out by Eliza Watson.

I finally got my hands on the 6th book in Eliza Watson's 'The Travel Mishaps of Caity Shaw' series and I love it on my bookshelf. The books are so pretty and the titles make me smile every time I look at them!

The Blurb.

What’s a girl to do with her unruly dog, a rogue chicken, and a foster bunny named Stew?

Caity Shaw is settling into her new life in Dublin. She is now juggling two event planner jobs, but she hopes the family clan gathering she is organizing will launch her genealogy business. Over the past year, Caity has transformed from an insecure victim of emotional abuse into a confident woman thanks largely to Declan, her Irish boyfriend.

When Declan accepts a caretaker position at the home of her Coffey family’s archenemy, Caity and Declan’s relationship becomes strained. Even her faithful companion Mac abandons her in Dublin for life in the country. Caity goes to Killybog to try to mend their relationship, but she unexpectedly takes over the caretaker duties. Mischievous animals and a mysterious man searching for an abandoned IRA hideout are just a few of the challenges she faces. When a popular soap opera films at her uncle’s home, Caity’s sister Rachel hopes to get the English estate out of massive debt by organizing a slew of fan events while also planning a family wedding. Once again, Caity’s dream of becoming a genealogist is put on hold.

That is until she takes on a wealthy but unsavory genealogy client. As Caity tracks the family’s history, and the client disputes the nefarious findings, Caity finds herself in a real-life soap opera!

My Review.

I've loved re-visiting Caity in Ireland each time I've picked up one of her stories. She's always in the middle of her event planning or genealogy research and we pick up right where we left off, like old friends. In 'When In Doubt Don't Chicken Out,' I love that Caity is following her passion for genealogy and attempting to make it her main focus. Nothing is ever straight forward and she always has a few hiccups to sort out, but I like that she preserves and I also that she has a good support system around her and people who want to look out for her and help. I think it's important to show that when in doubt it's okay to turn to those people around you, so you don't feel like you're all alone. It's okay to ask for help. 

In addition to friend's and family, Caity has her boyfriend Declan who is always inspiring her and giving her confidence, which I think is so sweet. They've been such a cute couple since book two, I believe and it makes me happy that he keeps her motivated and on track. She can be independent and knows what she wants, but Declan helps give her those little boosts to keep going when things get tough and I think that makes them a great team. They have each other's backs! In this story, they themselves do go through their ups and downs over what they both want from certain areas of life and I desperately wanted them to pull through. I don't like it when they upset each other. I was pleased with how it worked out, but no spoilers! ;) 

As well as, the familiar cast of characters that I've come to know over the years, there were a couple of new ones, including a runaway chicken that made me laugh, especially when Caity tried to look after it and feed it! Our sister has chickens so I could picture these scenes and the chicken's attitude so clearly...yes I said attitude, because trust me, they have them! Plus, this tied in the title so well!! I love it! 

I have to admit to getting a little sad at the end, because Eliza did a wonderful job at tying everything in from the first five books, as if this is the last book in the series. I got a little emotional thinking I won't be looking forward to visiting Caity and the gang again. Never say never though, because her Wanderlust could come back! :) 

Thank you Eliza for a fun, interesting and enjoyable series! I highly recommend you all check it out if you haven't already yet!

Happy Reading!

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