Book Review: The House At The Edge of Magic by Amy Sparkes.

I've been following Amy Sparkes for the last year or so on social media and have taken part in a few of her online picture book and chapter book courses. She is a huge inspiration to me, because not only is she a fantastic children's author, she's incredibly positive, supportive and does so, so much to help other authors no matter how busy she may be! I recently read the first instalment in her Captain Blunderbeard chapter book series and laughed throughout it, so I was very excited when she announced 'The House at the Edge of Magic,' because well, MAGIC! I know I'm going to want it on my bookshelf, but I couldn't wait that long when I saw it pop up on Netgalley. Thank you Walker Books UK for my early copy! 

The Blurb.

"Sometimes you are a whisper away from magic without even realizing it."

Nine is an orphan pickpocket determined to escape her life in the Nest of a Thousand Treasures. When she steals a house-shaped ornament from a mysterious woman’s purse, she knocks on its tiny door and watches it grow into a huge, higgledy-piggeldy house. Inside she finds a host of magical and brilliantly funny characters, including Flabberghast – a young wizard who’s particularly competitive at hopscotch – and a hideous troll housekeeper who’s emotionally attached to his feather duster. They have been placed under an extraordinary spell, which they are desperate for Nine to break – and if she can, maybe they can offer her a new life in return…

My Review.

First of all, the cover! How awesome is the cover? I love all things magical and wonderful and this cover is certainly both of those things. I love filling my bookshelf with books that one day my kids will enjoy and these are definitely the type of books I want to share with them. Fingers crossed they will be bookworms like me! 

My first thought after, 'how amazing is the cover?' once I'd read the book was, 'WOW! How creative is Amy Sparkes?' In fact I'm pretty sure I said that after very chapter! This book is quirky, imaginative, spooky, magical, fun and emotional. I really want to be able to write like this one day!!! Seriously, it's such a wonderful concept with so much incredible detail. The characters, the plot, the house, the world, everything just came to life on the pages and it was simply Magic! I can definitely imagine young readers gobbling this story up like I did with Harry Potter when I was eight or nine. 

As I go through Amy's list of books, I'm making a list for my school, as I feel our library needs a new dose of books and I think the older year groups would love this. It's funny, with just the right amount of creepy that will keep them entertained and spooked, which I feel like kids love these days! I used to be scared of 'The Nightmare Before Christmas,' but that's just me! :p 

The message of finding a place to call home and letting your guard down to let people in was very well done. Not to mention that Nine was a very, very strong female lead that I think girls will feel quite empowered by. The idea of getting more kids into books and them finding that first one that makes them love to read is so special to me. I can definitely see a lot of kids doing that with 'The House At The Edge Of Magic!'

Dive in, laugh, discover a new world and be one step closer to magic, in this gorgeous book from Amy Sparkes!

Happy Reading!

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