Book Review: Forbidden To The Highland Laird by Sarah Mallory.

I feel like I've been reading a lot of different book lately: children's, middle grade, young adult, modern day romance and historical romance. There are just so many great books out there right now. When Sarah Mallory got in touch about reading her latest Highland romance, I felt like the timing couldn't have been more perfect and I was ready to dive right in. 

The Blurb.

A Scottish beauty

Lures the Laird to sin!

Exchanging elegant Society balls for clan wars, Logan Rathmore has returned to Scotland as the new Laird of Ardvarrick. Peace is within grasp when he meets musician Ailsa McInnis from a rival clan. Her stubborn pride and innocence fascinate him – but with her now under his protection, he must do nothing to abuse her trust. The fragile peace is dependent on his being able to resist the forbidden temptation she presents…

My Review.

I was intrigued from the get go about Ailsa, because once I met her and understood more about her role in the family and her beliefs, I couldn't get them out of my head. I wanted to know if her and her family's beliefs were true. She was a brilliant harpist and I loved that she had this wonderful skill and that she got so in the zone when she played, but I didn't like the way her family treated her like that was the only thing she could do. When she met Logan and their relationship blossomed I was worried for her and didn't want her to lose one of the things that she was so good at. It kept me turning the pages to see if their really was a curse that would keep her away from true love, as her family had bought her up to believe.

With her family treating her the way they did, Logan was a breath of fresh air. He loved her music, but he discovered that there was a lot more to her than just that. He made her feel special and like she could do anything. I loved that at first they didn't always see each other, and so it was either by sheer coincidence, divine intervention or a bit of Logan's handy work that led them to meeting again and again. It was a slow burn that built their story nicely. 

Logan's castle at Ardvarrick was a lovely setting. I don't usually get caught up in castles and the like, but the way Sarah described Logan's, as well as, the people who occupied it made me feel like it would be a lovely place to visit. It sounded so cosy and homely and I was very pleased when Ailsa got to spend more time there. 

If you're looking for your next historical read and fancy taking a trip to 18th century Scotland, then I'd highly recommend 'Forbidden To The Highland Laird,' it has music, romance, adventure and an evil villain that keeps you on your toes! 

Happy Reading!

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