My Fairytale of New York and Book Inspiration.

Good morning everyone, 

You might be wondering why I'm stood next to a life-size cardboard cut-out of Shazam with a massive smile on my face and well apart from the fact that smiling when I see Zachary Levi is a natural reaction, I thought I'd tell you a little bit more about where my inspirations came from for 'One Snowy Week in Springhollow'. That and today is Zachary Levi's birthday, so I thought spreading a little Zac love and sharing this story today would be perfect. 

My fourth book, but first with Aria Fiction, 'One Snowy Week in Springhollow' will be coming your way on November 5th. I truly can't wait for you to meet Scarlett and Devon and am already thrilled that early reviewers over on Netgalley are enjoying it. So here's a little scoop on how this book came to be.

I always feel that my stories find their way in to my heart when I need them most and this one was no different. It was so much fun to write at a time when I was trying to find my joy again. It came about after a little bit of a rough patch. If you have read 'Wishes Under a Starlit Sky'  you will understand a little about where my mind and my life was during Christmas 2018. (Wishes came out November 2019) So, in the early months of 2019 I was stuck in between jobs, having left the nursery I was working at, navigating a long-distanced divorce, trying to find my happy and working on understanding self-love and what exactly that meant. 

I was struggling mentally, overthinking a lot and feeling incredibly down. I spent a lot of time at my Nanna's chatting to her, making lunches with my Mum, thinking of story ideas and soaking up inspiring podcasts and books. My family were the epitome of light, encouragement and love and despite the things that I couldn't control and certain frustrations and doubts going on, I felt happiness whenever I was around them, they were a huge help in keeping me positive, but I'm not going to lie, there were days when that was extremely difficult. 

Then in April 2019, a certain Superhero movie came a long and enter an abundance of pure joy. It's no secret that Kelly and I adore Zachary Levi. Chuck will forever and always be the BEST TV SHOW EVER and well to see Zac on all these posters and hear him talk about becoming a Superhero, I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. He was getting to live his childhood dream and I loved that he talked about it in that way. It wasn't necessarily about an actor getting a really amazing part, it was all about his inner child coming out and getting to be a Superhero. 

I was beyond excited to see Zac so happy and living his dream and so I turned to a manuscript that I had started writing six years prior after a wonderful moment of getting to meet him in New York. The story had started out with Scarlett being an interviewer and getting to meet her favourite actor but completely changed as I began to type. Scarlett and Devon's world of comic books and superheroes and childhood adventures appeared in my head so clearly and made me smile so big that I couldn't wait to sit down every morning and write. I immediately fell in love with Scarlett and her sarcastic, creative spirit but could connect with her self-doubt and vulnerability. She's someone who knew what she wanted to do since she was very little but got deterred and thrown off her path after a few bumps in the road which led to her hiding so many parts of herself. Devon is just a ball of lovableness. He makes my heart happy. 

Writing this story gave me such a happy purpose each morning. It looks at embracing who you are and not letting society or others dictate who you should be. I think as we get older we can put expectations on ourselves to achieve goals by a certain age, to look, dress and act a certain way because we now have to be mature and be an adult, but who says you can't be a responsible thirty-two year old and still dream of being a part of The Avengers at the same time? 

I believe in loving things with all your heart. I believe in passion and living your dreams. I believe that you can be a grown up, be responsible and mature while being sensitive and kind and that there is nothing wrong with watching Shazam four times at the cinema in one month and owning a cardboard cut-out of your favourite Superhero. 

Amongst the message of not being ashamed of who you are, 'One Snowy Week in Springhollow' is a story of friendship and love in a small cosy village during the festive season. There's Christmas fairs, gingerbread houses, twinkling lights and hot chocolate galore and I really hope you love it! 

I'm so grateful to Aria fiction and the amazing Hannah Smith for giving me this opportunity and am looking forward to sharing these next stories with you. 

Have a beautiful day and remember that you are awesome, you are loved and you are more than capable of making your dreams come true, you got this! 

You can hear about the inspiration behind this book in this video! 

Oh and if you haven't seen Shazam, I highly recommend you curl up with a delicious hot drink and watch it. And don't forget to pre-order 'One Snowy Week in Springhollow' today! 

All my love.


  1. I watched the video a few days ago, and it's nice to read about it all too! I love that you used a slice of your life as a good inspirational point to write this book. Also, I love Zachary Levi too - Shazam! was amazing :) Tania xx | Tania Michele

    1. Aww thank you for watching and reading Tania, I appreciate it and hope you enjoyed it! :) I love getting inspiration from real life and yay for Zac being amazing! :) I need to watch Shazam again soon. Isn't it so good?! I definitely feel like it's a cosy fall/Christmas watch! Lucy xx

  2. I love that you were able to find that spark of inspiration at just the right time in your life! All the best on your book release!!

    1. Aww thank you so much Lulu. I'm always grateful when inspiration finds me at the right time! :) I hope you're well! Lucy xx