Book Review: 'The Winter We Met' By Samantha Tonge.

After devouring this gorgeous read I'm ready to put my Christmas tree up and dig in to all the festive books hitting the shelves this season as my heart now feels all cosy and warm.  


When charming, mysterious Nik sits next to Jess on a plane home from a Christmas toy trade fair, she never could have imagined the impact he'd have on her life. As they touch down in London, Jess is hesitant to let Nik walk away, and before she knows it, she's invited him to visit.

As the two take in the delights of the toy store where she works, Jess gets an upsetting phone call. Willow Court, her grandmother's care home, is to close before Christmas. Jess is determined to find the perfect new home for her Gran – and throw the best Christmas party Willow Court has ever seen!

But time is running out with the closure looming and Jess becomes increasingly drawn to enigmatic Nik who joins forces with her and best friend Oliver to realise those plans.

Will a chance encounter on an aeroplane bring love to Jess's life or is this Christmas miracle too good to be true?

My Review

Oh how I enjoyed this book. I got wrapped up and totally disappeared to Willow Court in my daydreams. It makes me smile just thinking about it now. Samantha created such a beautiful community of elderly people who tugged at my heartstrings so much. Being extremely close to my Grandparents, I adored hearing all the stories and getting to know the personalities of the occupants at Willow Court. The characters were charming, endearing and an absolute hoot. I loved the relationship that Jess had with her Gran and how she looked after her. Having experienced my one Nanna being in a care home, I could understand the importance of finding the right new home for her and how difficult it was to learn that Willow Court was closing. It truly highlighted all the amazing things that carers do and how when you find those that go above and beyond, it really is special and so appreciated. It broke my heart that they had to leave. I was glued to the pages desperate to know if she would find somewhere just as friendly and nice. 

I thought Jess was absolutely lovely and an utter sweetheart. She had such a big heart always looking after others and thinking about all the people in her life from her family to the children who frequented her toy shop. I really enjoyed her relationship with Oliver and thought they had such a fun and cosy life together in their flat with their beautiful dog. Their banter and closeness was just so wonderful and made me happy. They were always there for each other and had each other's back and knew each other inside and out. They made for the most brilliant, heart-warming team. I think that is something that just jumps out at me when thinking about this book, team work and kindness, there was just so much kindness bouncing off the pages with characters that were simply beautiful, caring and friendly. 

Speaking of kindness, I feel like I can't say too much about Nik because I really don't want to give any spoilers about this magical story but I loved Nik and his relationships with each and every character in this book. There was one point where I didn't like Nik because of certain conspiracies going around created by certain people and I was on the edge of my seat willing it not to be so, but you have to read the book to find out what I'm talking about. There's also another conspiracy that went around, but one that made me giggle and warmed my heart that I was so willing to be true. It genuinely made me smile and has something to do with Father Christmas. I guarantee when you read this book it will make you smile too. 

This is such a beautiful, joyful and festive book that will pull on your heart strings and make you smile from ear to ear. I was rooting for Jess to find a little magic and love the whole way through, as she one hundred percent deserved it and the ending was such a delight and a wonderful fit. I came away with a happy heart. 

'The Winter We Met' is a must read and one you must definitely add to your TBR pile. Pick up your copy now: 'The Winter We Met'.

Happy reading.


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