Book Review: Autumn Skies over Ruby Falls by Holly Martin.

As much as I love beautiful blue skies and sunshine, I do always get excited for Autumn; crisp leaves, conkers, dark mornings when it's peaceful and I feel like the only one up. There's just something magical about leading up to Christmas. After reading 'Autumn Skies over Ruby Falls,' I'm even more excited about pumpkin season and can't wait to dig my feet into all things cosy and orange!

The Blurb.

Clover Philips is exactly where she’s meant to be – back home on Jewel Island teaching dance to the guests at the beautiful Sapphire Bay Hotel that she co-owns with her sisters Skye and Aria. Her life is complete, except for one thing…
When Clover left London she also left behind a devastating betrayal. She hasn’t been able to date anyone since, let alone allow herself to fall in love. What she needs is a casual fling to ease herself back into romance. And as luck would have it, the very handsome Angel Mazzeo is back in town.
The chemistry between Clover and Angel has been undeniable ever since Angel first arrived on Jewel Island six months ago. And though content to be her friend till now, Angel is more than willing to help Clover find her dating feet again.
It should be easy to keep things carefree when love is off the table, but when every moment is magical what started as casual soon becomes something much deeper. Will Clover and Angel find the courage to tell each other how they really feel? And is Clover ready to do the one thing she swore she’d never do again, fall in love?

My Review.

Holly Martin does everything right when it comes to small town romances. She literally makes you feel like you are a member of the town community and are just watching a story unfold between two people you've known all of your life. I felt completely and utterly immersed in Clover's life and that of her sisters running the Sapphire Bay Hotel. I love that each one of them has their own job to do that plays to their strengths and passions and I love how close they are.

I know I've said it before, but while Holly's books can always be read as standalones, I love that she does two - three book series where she lets trickles of information leak about certain characters that makes you want to read more. I met Clover and Angel in 'Sunrise Over Sapphire Bay,' and definitely finished that book wanting to know more, especially since Clover is a twin and I felt like I had a small connection to her in that way. As for her twin Skye's story I reeeealllly want to read that one. Her relationship with her ex Jesse is all kind of complicated, but I love the sound of Jesse and want to know how that's going to work out for them!!

But, back to Clover and Angel. I enjoyed how patient they were with each other and that they liked each other enough to want to be friends and look out for one another. They did things at their own pace and I appreciated that. Angel was lovely and caring and made it easy for Clover to open up and face her fears one at a time. It was sweet and very romantic.

My favourite parts about the book were the Halloween events and lantern evenings. I get flutters of excitement thinking about them all and very much want to decorate my house with complete Autumn vibes. That's something we did a lot more when we lived in America, but never really do here and I want to change that. I love this season and 'Autumn Skies over Ruby Falls,' just amplified it. I'm definitely that pumpkin everything kind of person!

If you're looking for a warm, cosy, romantic read, perfect for snuggling up with a hot chocolate or pumpkin latte, then look no further than 'Autumn Skies over Ruby Falls.'

Happy Reading!

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