Book Review: 'Antoni in The Kitchen' By Antoni Porowski.

About three weeks ago me and my friend Lizzie were talking about TV Shows and she recommended that I watch 'Queer Eye.' She told me that it was beautiful and positive and that I would love it. I told her that I had heard of it but I'd never watched it and that I would check it out. Last night I finished watching all of the five seasons that are available on Netflix. You could say that I loved it or you could say I'm obsessed with it, either or and I'd simply say 'Yasss'. 

First things first, if you haven't watched the show before, I highly suggest that you go and do that right now. I don't even mind if you pause reading this blog and go and check it out. The show is everything. It's inspirational and full of kindness, positivity, laughter, tears and so much love. I kind of don't know what to do with myself now I've finished it. Oh but wait, what's this? Antoni Porowski, Queer Eye's Food and Wine expert, has a cookbook, 'Antoni in the kitchen'... while I'm patiently waiting for season six I can do a little cooking. 

So, I think my new favourite thing in life is listening to Antoni talk about food. He talks about it in such a way that really resonates with Kelly and I. On the show his passion shines through and we love seeing how excited he gets teaching people recipes and inspiring them to cook for and with their loved ones. Food to us has always been happiness. Food for us is full of memories and stories and family history that we want to keep alive. Our Nanna and Grandad's recipes make a good day better and can turn a sad day around and they are what helps keep us connected to them now that they are not here. 

Just like on the show, you can feel the love throughout this cookbook. From the main introduction to each recipe introduction, you can hear Antoni's voice and feel how special each recipe is. I sat and read each one and made notes of all the recipes I wanted to try first and I couldn't stop smiling. It's rare that Kelly and I stray from dishes that aren't our Nanna and Grandad's when it comes to cooking. We like to experiment with baking but it isn't often that we cook new dishes from a recipe book, but we have felt truly inspired by Antoni's story and passion. Over the weekend we made 'Jonny's Queso Blanco' (minus the chorizo- we haven't been eating meat for a little while now.) We got to experiment with new spices that we never use because, well, olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper is our staple. It turned out delicious and we were so excited. Then, yesterday we whipped up 'Chickpea Masala' which was so much fun to make and absolutely gorgeous. It was full of flavour, super simple to make and we ate it while doing our happy food dances.

'Antoni in the Kitchen' is more than a cookbook. It's stories, it's memories and it's a beautiful example of how food can bring people together. Sitting around the table with family and friends, cooking with love in your heart, taking care of yourself through what you eat and also looking after others with scrumptious food is one of life's purest joys and to quote our Grandad, "It's easy when you know how," and Antoni's here to show you how. 

Check out Antoni's website and pick up your copy of his gorgeous book today! 

We hope you have a wonderful week and let us know in the comments below what you're cooking! 



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