A collection of Summer Reads!

Our TBR piles have been mounting up so quickly these past few weeks that it's been tricky keeping track of all the wonderful books we have read and have to read. You know when you just can't pick and feel like you want to dive into them all at once? (I could never do that - one book at a time thank you very much for me!) So we thought we'd put a few Summer reads together, since the Summer holidays are officially in full swing. Kelly. x

'Beach Hut Surprise,' by various authors.

This is a collection of short stories based in the town of Little Piddling. All of the stories revolve around beach huts and have different elements to them. Authors Sarah Mallory, Sophie Weston, Joanna Maitland, Lesley Cookman, Liz Fielding and Louise Allen took me for quite a ride as I explored history, vampires and ghosts at the beach. All of the stories were very unique and intriguing, especially for someone who doesn't really read too many ghost, vampire and other forms stories. I have to say they were quite enjoyable and humorous. If you're looking for a new read or fancy trying any of these elements out in small doses to get your feet wet, I'd recommend 'Beach Hut Surprise.' Kelly x

'Cock and Bull' by Laura Bernard.

There was quite a lot going on in this story which made it very fast paced and entertaining, but slightly hard to keep up with and know which plot to focus on. Phoebe got a lot thrown at her and it seemed like she couldn't catch a break at times, which sometimes made me feel like how could she be so unlucky? Give her, her due though, she was very determined and funny and I admired her for not giving up, even when she was close to it. I would have liked her to have a few more heart to hearts with her sister, as sometimes it felt like they were close and other times it felt like she didn't really care about finding out about her feelings, when they were in this whole mess together. The idea of fixing up a pub did make me think about what I would do and how I would decorate, which would be so much fun, albeit a lot of hardwork. I'm glad the sister's stuck at it in the end. If you're looking for Irish charm, unusual pets and an enemy to lovers story then pick up 'Cock and Bull' today! Kelly x

'One Summer in Santorini', by Sandy Barker.

Sandy is wonderful and I loved that 'One Summer in Santorini' was inspired by real life events and her own love story. It was a lot of fun to experience Greece with our leading lady Sarah, to learn about the food and picture myself sailing around the gorgeous Greek islands and adventure by boat. I have to admit that I was very much rooting for Josh, the American, the whole time and really just wanted to see his and Sarah's relationship blossom. I didn't understand why Sarah kept shutting it down, I thought they were so lovely together and really enjoyed their banter and their days spent together. It was fun to see Sarah make new friends and the whole cast of characters on her little boat were so much fun to get to know and I was craving Greek food by the end of the book. If you're looking for a Summer escapism, enjoy a love triangle and holiday romances, then pick up your copy today. Lucy x

'Summer at Rachel's Pudding Pantry.' by Caroline Roberts. 

This is the first book I have read from Caroline Roberts and though I missed the first two in the series, I got to know the characters quickly and could easily follow along with where everyone was up to and what had previously happened in their lives. There was a lovely warmth within the Pudding Pantry. I very much enjoyed learning about Rachel's farm and being at the pantry with her and her Mum. I wanted to eat everything they made and I simply adore the name of the place too. It was so cute how they had their regular customers and conversations, there was just this really cosy, happy vibe about the place. I loved Rachel's friends so much. It was incredibly heart-warming how they all came together to help with her wedding. I adored the descriptions of her wedding dress too and thought it was so special how her friend made it. Their bonds were beautiful. I got very sad at times with the ups and downs that came before getting married and wanted her and Tom to talk more but this is a wonderful romantic and cosy read that I highly recommend you pick up this Summer. Lucy x

What are you currently reading?



  1. Thank you so much 💕💕💕
    (No spoilers)Josh, Sarah and the silver fox come back together in A Sunset in Sydney. 😊