Childhood Books.

Books make the world go round...that's the saying right? Well we think it should be, don't you? Books and Love, what could be better than that? Ooh add family and food to that equation and we'd be all set.

A few weeks ago we got chatting to the lovely people at Kidscape about sharing some of our favourite books from childhood. To us, books are magic; they make us think, feel, take us on rollercoaster rides of emotions and allow us to escape from reality while we're between their pages.  As kids we got swept away by potions, spells and eagerly awaited our letter from Hogwarts to arrive. We dreamt about finding the Magic Faraway Tree and which land we would want to visit the most. Books were a comfort, a source of adventure and a way to expand our imaginations. Here are some of our favourites and what they meant to us...

We're lucky, because a lot of the books we read as children, we still have to this day. We keep them safe in a box to one day share with our children. We had a lot of books and always had a story before bed, where we would push our single beds together so that Dad could sit in the middle to read to us. As he read, the beds would slowly start to separate, as if sucking him down the rabbit hole! These Twinkle annuals we got a couple of years in a row and still remember the stories and characters. Flicking through the pages again bought back a whole heap of childhood memories. Did any of you ever own a Twinkle annual?

Kelly: I remember taking this Enid Blyton book with me on car journeys and being so immersed in it's magic. It made me feel mature too, having my own hardback book to take places. This Jolly Christmas Postman book was perfect for me, with it's little letters and notes that I could pull out and read. I read it so much that it's not in the best condition, but that just makes me smile more, because I can tell it was so loved.

Lucy: I don't even know where to start with this Noddy annual. Talk about disappearing into other worlds. Just looking at this book makes me feel content, happy and safe. This was my everything when I was a kid. Fun fact, I have a teddy bear who is called Nobby, he is my most treasured possession and he was named after 'Noddy'. Apparently I couldn't quite say 'Noddy' when I was a baby and it would sound like 'Nobby' so Mum and Dad went with it. Nobby hasn't left my side since I was christened and this book remains on my bookshelf too. I hadn't looked at it for a number of years and before I opened the pages recently, I could tell you the exact pages I scribbled on, what happened in every short story and the activities within it.

Lucy: I was obsessed with Lucy and Tom when I was younger. I actually have these four books in the big paperback versions too, in addition to a number of others from Shirley Hughes. The Christmas one would have to be my favourite as I loved the illustrations and how family orientated their Christmas was. Reading about Lucy and Tom baking, preparing for Christmas with decorations, getting excited for their family to arrive, eating together and playing simple games together while all cosy and curled up in the living room made me smile as much when I was younger as it does now. We still play the game in this book now, you know the one where you go around the table passing around a piece of paper and folding it? The first person draws a head and folds it over, the second person draws the top of the body and so on. We introduced it to our niece not long ago and it was so much fun, she loved it too. I remember loving 'Lucy and Tom go to School' too and used to read it a lot before going to school. It always gave me such comfort. 

Kelly: These books bring back so many feels for me. The illustrations literally give me goosebumps. You know when something just means so much inside? I remember being little and looking at the books before bed, the one about school made me think of our Dad's school days. The Christmas ones I can't even begin to describe the pure joy I feel when looking at them now and thinking back to our childhood Christmases. It's like these books wrap me in a warm hug from the past and bring back that feeling of contentment and happiness I had as a kid. Honestly, it almost brings a tear to my eyes. A time gone by...I get quite sentimental if you can't tell!! :p 

While a trip down memory lane has been very heart-warming and nostalgic, we couldn't finish today's post without mentioning just a couple of books, out of the many, that we have discovered on the shelves for kids today. We can spend hours in the bookshops reading the incredible picture books and have recently started reading a lot of young adult and middle grade too as there are just so many brilliant authors out there. 

One in particular that has captured our hearts recently is Tom Percival. He is the Author and Illustrator of this fabulous 'Big Bright Feelings' series. (There's one book missing in this picture, as it's currently out of stock!) These books are not only absolutely stunning, seriously we could cry with how gorgeous they are, but they are brilliant for starting conversations with your children about worries, being different, making friends and feeling angry. Absolutely brilliant. We've been reading them to the children at school and they love them. We highly recommend them all! 

For those of you who are still home-schooling or looking for fun story driven ideas for Summer activities, check out Kidscape's Family Fun pack with Elmer the Elephant and have a read of their website too for parental advice and how to help your kids with bullying. 

Also let us know what some of your favourite childhood reads were and what you are reading to your kids now. We love talking books! 

Happy Reading! 


  1. Favourites growing up were the Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy series. I was (and still am) a big comic reader and the main one of me was Eagle. My parents gave away my entire collection though sadly but I've spent the last few years getting them again. Going back and rereading them they're surprisingly deep stories for the time.

    1. It's lovely having connections with books or comics that take us back and makes us relive happy memories or times. I bet if we read a lot of our childhood books back, they would be quite deep and powerful even if we never realized it at the time! :) Thank you for reading!
      Kelly x