Book Review: 'My Year of Saying No' by Maxine Morrey.

Maxine Morrey is one of my all time favourite Authors. So, I was extremely excited to curl up with her latest book 'My Year of Saying No'. After having read a lot over the past few months on my Kindle, I've been treating myself to paperbacks recently as I much prefer being able to hold a proper book in my hand and this one is such a gorgeous turquoise colour, it made me smile every time I picked it up.


When a long-term relationship ended, her best friend’s scheme to get Lottie back in the swing of things seemed like a good idea. She’s kept her promise to Jess to see it through but, as a lover of the quiet life, Lottie couldn’t be happier to say hello to a brand new year – The Year of Saying No!
Unfortunately, the one thing she still seems unable to say no to is the crush she has on her best client and now friend, Army veteran, Seb Marshall. But she’s working on it, and with rescue dog Humphrey at her side, she knows that she’ll manage just fine.
Lottie’s decision to stop trying to please everyone has brought a sense of relief beyond what she had expected. Her actions and determination have also begun to send ripples throughout her life and those closest to her, bringing about changes none of them could have expected.

My Review

I will forever shout from the rooftops about how brilliant and incredible Maxine is at writing leading men. There is always something so charming, kind and true about her characters that I can't help falling in love with them the minute I meet them. Seb Marshall was no expectation. He was warm, kind, interesting and so thoughtful. He was an army Veteran and after getting injured he set up a charity to help other Veterans. I loved how he strived to always lift others up and be there for them. I also really enjoyed this element of the book because we get to learn of Seb's struggles and insecurities with his injury and I think it's so important for us to be more aware of these things, of how we can be more knowledgeable and understanding of those who have fought, in order to make them feel seen, valued and heard.

I loved Lottie. I liked how she was funny and sweet and always wanted to help others, though she tended to run herself ragged doing so. She likes to please people and because of this had spent the past year saying 'yes' to every crazy idea her best friend had. We meet her at the beginning of her year of saying 'no', which she decided on herself. This was one of those things that I was really interested in seeing unfold in this book. I think Lottie was a great role model because she wasn't mean when it came to saying no, it's like because she had given herself this permission/challenge to say no, that she had more confidence in doing so. She let herself say 'no' without feeling guilty and simply moving on. I think most of us will be able to connect with that or feel inspired by it.

I loved how Seb and Lottie's relationship blossomed and built in this story. You could really feel the warmth in their relationship and how comfortable they had gotten with each other being friends over the years through their work. It was a lovely progression in finding out if there was something more for them both. I thoroughly enjoyed them getting to know each other deeper, spending time together and immersing themselves into each others lives. It was so wonderful and felt completely natural, I was rooting for them the whole way and their dates/days out were super cute, in addition to them meeting each other's family. You just felt like you were in the house with everyone, watching it unfold, as Maxine made it so very warm and inviting.

Speaking of family, both Lottie's family and Seb's family were wonderful and gorgeous and made me smile. As was Lottie's best friend. She added that extra touch of fun and with her fiancé added some lovely swoon worthy moments to this story too. I loved the dynamic of their friendship but also how close Lottie was with her best friend's fiancé, you couldn't help but grin and feel that heart-warming glow.

If you're looking for a gorgeous, feel-good romantic read, I highly recommend you pick up a copy of 'My Year of Saying No' today!

Happy reading.