Book Review: Dark Corners by Darren O'Sullivan.

Now, this is only the second thriller I have read, I was going to say this year, but it's more like ever! You know my heart lies with romance, however I am beginning to understand how people enjoy the scarier, more edgy side of things. Namely the fact that you can't stop turning the pages, because you need to find out what is happening!! It's for want of a better world...Thrilling! ;)

The Blurb.

A gripping new psychological thriller you won’t be able to put down with a killer twist perfect for fans of Teresa Driscoll’s I Am Watching You.

You thought you’d escaped your past

It’s been twenty years since Neve’s best friend Chloe went missing. Neve has never recovered and promised herself she’d never go back to that place.

But secrets can come back to haunt you

When Neve receives news that her first boyfriend Jamie has gone missing, she’s forced to return. Jamie has vanished without a trace in a disappearance that echoes the events of all those years ago. Somebody is watching and will stop at nothing until the truth about what took place that night is revealed

My Review.

'Dark Corners,' is quite a thick book and I thought it would take me a little while to get through it. It took me one evening and about an hour the next morning to finish it! Like I mentioned above, it was hard to put down. It was definitely a 'One more chapter' kind of night that night and I ended up going to bed past 10pm!!! This is unheard of now I'm back at work. Once the story hooked me though, I had to keep finding out more details to solve what was going on. 

It was spooky, had my nerves on edge and yet was strangely exciting as I tried to piece everything together. There was so much detail that I was in awe of Darren's writing and am fascinated to know how he kept it all together and didn't miss any links. The time frame in the book goes between present day and twenty one years ago, leading up to a big event in Neve's life. Each part was so vivid and had me engrossed in the story. The past had me shouting at the kids, "Don't do it. Do not conform to peer pressure!" and the present had me looking at Neve like, "How are you still walking places in the dark on your own!?" I would have been locked up in my house in a cupboard somewhere! 

The funny thing was, there were two instances where my brain had fleeting thoughts about what I thought was going on, but I was reading so quickly that I didn't have time to really put together a final conclusion. As the story came to a close though I laughed at the fact that those fleeting thoughts were right, but then it amazed me that Darren could put just enough to make something inside my head click, but also not enough to make me fully cotton on to everything as to spoil the ending. How does he do that?? Seriously how?! Like how do you know what crumbs to write down that aren't going to give everything away? Talent that's how! :) 

I'm so glad that I read one of Darren's books, as we think he's awesome and deserves so much success! Now I need to sit down with him to find out how he comes up with his ideas!! If you love a good thriller that will keep you up all night in a good way, I highly recommend 'Dark Corners.' it's currently just 99p on Kindle!! 

Happy Reading!

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