'Summer Strawberries at Swallowtail Bay' by Katie Ginger.

Hello lovely readers, I am back with another awesome, delightful and wonderful read from the awesome, delightful and wonderful Katie Ginger. Katie makes me smile and so do her incredible books. Not too long ago I reviewed the first book in the Swallowtail Bay series, 'Spring Tides at Swallowtail Bay', which I do hope you check out, if you haven't already, so that you can pre-order this gorgeous sequel, 'Summer Strawberries at Swallowtail Bay' today.


Hetty Colman loves her life in the cosy seaside town of Swallowtail Bay, organising children’s birthdays, anniversaries and retirement parties. But after her recent break up from long-term boyfriend Ben, she’s been searching for something new.
So, when Hetty overhears locals wondering how to return the old strawberry festival to its former glory, she jumps at the chance to relaunch it. There are just two problems – she only has four weeks to organise it and absolutely nowhere to host it!
When Hetty manages to convince the aloof, yet extremely handsome, John Thornhill to use the grounds of his rundown manor, things start to look up. But as Hetty and John grow closer and Ben tries to win back her affections, can Hetty make the festival and her love life run smoothly at the same time?

My Review

I adored this book from the get go. Hetty is such a gorgeous and lovable character. I instantly warmed to her and envied how confident, kind and sweet she was. She could hold her own and stand up for herself while still being so very lovely. She made me smile and I just felt that wonderful connection where I wanted to be like her. Her job as an event planner intrigued me too. It made me smile how passionate she was and how she was so capable of handling all the situations that came her way; some are rather amusing and that will have you giggling. The team of her and her best friend Macie was awesome. I adored Macie too and loved the banter they shared and how close they were. There were lots of wonderful girly moments between them that were so much fun and I could certainly relate to their emergency stash of chocolate.

John Thornhill, though quite serious and stressed at first, immediately captured my heart. I felt for him with all the pressure he was under because of his families problems. He is extremely endearing in how he is there for them all the time and wants to help. I loved that he wasn't perfectly confident and that their was this awkward side to him when it came to knowing what to do with love. Seeing him come out of his shell and witnessing his and Hetty's banter, made my heart a flutter. I could see his cheeky grins and loved it when he relaxed and let his personality shine through. Just like Hetty, he was utterly gorgeous. 

It was so exciting being back in Swallowtail Bay and getting to catch up with characters we met in the first book too. Stella, Lexi and Raina make many appearances and so you feel like you are visiting old friends and truly get that sense of community. Swallowtail Bay just sounded so magical in the Summer time too and I would very much like to move into Hetty's quaint cottage. 

The whole concept of the food festival had me smiling with glee and excitedly anticipating all the food stalls, fun fair and activities and it didn't disappoint. The build up had me turning every page eagerly and the food festival itself was awesome. Certain hiccups keep you on your toes and you will be rooting for Hetty to handle them and push forward in making the event a success, but seeing the whole town and tourists come together for such a cool and cute and delicious festival was really wonderful. I very much wished to go too. 

This gorgeous story will wrap a hug around your heart. Hetty is the perfect leading lady going after her dreams with gusto, dealing with troubles and heartache with a determination to make things better and never lose hope and who will inspire you to always follow your instincts. Her friendships will make you happy and her love story with make you swoon and seeing all the beautiful characters find their way will make you hug your book/kindle- both Hetty's family and John's family go on a journey of finding themselves and it will tug at your heart strings. 

I highly recommend you pre-order your copy of the fantastic and dreamy 'Summer Strawberries at Swallowtail Bay' today. and check out all of Katie Ginger's fabulous books! 

Happy reading. 

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