Book Review: 'Only Mostly Devastated' by Sophie Gonzales.

I'm back with another gorgeous story for young adults. A new author I discovered on twitter, who kept me glued to her words, to the point where I was reading the last few chapters right up until I had to get ready for work one morning. I actually really miss being in Ollie's world now, but that's my fault because I've been reading too fast lately and I guess it really is Sophie Gonzales' fault too for writing such a great book that I couldn't put down!

The Blurb.

Ollie and Will were a summer fling; now they're classmates. But only one of them is out...SIMON VS THE HOMO SAPIENS AGENDA meets a modern-day, queer re-imagining of GREASE.
It was the very last Wednesday of August when I realized Disney had been lying to me about Happily Ever Afters. Because, you see, I was four days into mine, and my prince was nowhere to be found.

"Please don't lose contact. I need to see you again," he'd said. So why was I here, banging my head against a metaphorical wall, weighing up the pros and cons of sending another message? This wasn't a big deal. It was just a guy texting another guy. A guy who knew all my biggest secrets, and had Seen. Me. Naked™. A guy who'd convinced me he really, really liked me. A guy who'd better have been abducted by goddamn aliens...
When Ollie meets Will over the summer break, he thinks he's found his Happily Ever After. But once summer's ended, Will stops texting him back, and Ollie finds himself short of his fairy-tale ending.
A family emergency sees Ollie uprooted and enrolled at a new school across the country - Will's school - and Ollie finds that the sweet, affectionate and comfortably queer guy he knew from summer isn't the same one attending Collinswood High. This Will is a class clown, a basketball jock and, well, a bit of a jerk.
Ollie isn't going to pine after a guy who isn't ready for a relationship. But as school life repeatedly throws them together, from music class to the lunch table, Ollie finds his resolve weakening.
With the noisy drama of their friends as the backdrop - from ambitious Juliette and frosty Lara, to big-hearted Darnell and king-jock Matt - Ollie has a decision to make.
The last time he gave Will his heart, Will handed it back to him trampled and battered. Ollie would have to be an idiot to trust him with it again. Right?

My Review.

The first thing I wanted to talk about was how absolutely lovely Ollie was. He's a teenager and while he still gets frustrated and has his own teenage stuff to deal with, he is also a super guy who puts his family first and does what he is asked. He deals with a huge life change like a champ, because he knows there are some things you just can't argue with, no matter how much other stuff he may be missing out on because of it. He is also really, really funny, like laugh out loud funny and awkward, which instantly made me connect to him, because yeah high school and awkwardness kind of went hand in hand for me. Heck even at thirty-two I'm no less awkward! Such is life!

As per usual with my book reviews, I don't like giving too much away because that would spoil it and I love the magic of picking up a book and having no idea what you are in for, otherwise I feel like you end up waiting for the things you already know! Ollie and Will though...soooo sweeeeet!!! Their ups and downs, will they/won't they relationship is utterly charming and romantic and made me smile so much. Their obvious chemistry was a joy to read and made for a highly entertaining story, while also heart-breaking in terms of why it's so hard for them to be together at school. 

The whole cast of characters in this book are brilliant, from Ollie's new friends at school: Juliette, Lara and Niamh, to his younger cousins and the rest of his family, especially Aunt Linda, you really feel connected and like you are in their world. The story touches on some very difficult topics, which I found incredibly sad, but the way in which Ollie deals with them and speaks about them was somewhat comforting to read. Sophie Gonzales was spot on with how my own brain feels about topics such as death and to have it written down so powerfully and beautifully through Ollie once again proved that books know just what you need and have ways of finding you and being there for you. 

If you are looking for a story with a great message that is full of friendship and love, I highly recommend picking up Only Mostly Devastated now!! 

Also, please visit the LGBT Foundation to read, learn and donate and follow LGBTQ on Instagram to support, learn and embrace love is love is love!!!

Hey, it's me again. (Lucy) I had to pop into another one of Kelly's reviews to say that I devoured this book in two days and adored it with my whole heart. I wish that Ollie was my best friend. I certainly felt like he was for those two days. He made me laugh so much, I honestly giggled out loud at some points, and I felt so incredibly inspired my his manner, character and attitude. This is such a beautiful, heartwarming and heartbreaking story that I too highly recommend you pick up today!!!! 

Happy Reading!

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