Book Review: The Earl With The Secret Past, by Janice Preston.

I've probably said it a hundred times before, but I'll say it again, Janice Preston is one of my authors that I know I'm going to love her books, fall effortlessly in love with the characters and sink deep into the pages no matter what. Some writers you just click with and Janice is one of those writers for me. 

The Blurb.

An unexpected inheritance
An explosive reunion
Hardworking architect Adam Monroe’s world is shaken when he inherits an Earldom! Thrust into the ton, he bumps into widow, Kitty Fenton – his lost love. Years before, he’d refused to elope with Kitty to save her from ruin, and was heartbroken she’d married so soon after he left. Perhaps fate has given him a chance to discover the truth – after all beneath the hurt the sparks of attraction are as strong as ever…

My Review.

I loved Adam and Kitty's story and how they'd known each other years ago. These kinds of stories make me smile, because it's like no matter what is going on in their lives now, they both have that extra connection of life before things got more complicated. They know each other, so any charade they might be trying to get away with, doesn't work on one another now. It adds a bit more of a fun and flirtatious element to their relationship. 

I definitely found this with Adam. He couldn't help insert himself into certain roles to be closer to Kitty. He knew that no matter what guard she had put up, that there was still the Kitty he knew and loved beneath it. It gave him this sweet, youthful charm of a boy who was still head over heels and trying to impress his first love, only with the appeal of a smart, independent, talented, handsome man, who has just found out he's an earl. 

Kitty was wonderful. I admired her want to be a writer and loved when she took herself off to write her novels, but my favourite thing about her was her love for her step-children. Her relationship with them was heart-warming and so full of love. I especially enjoyed her conversations with Robert and how he spoke to her and protected her. He himself was an incredibly charming young man, who I loved reading about.

'The Earl with the Secret Past,' has a crime to solve, bravery, loving family bonds and a will they/won't they childhood romance. I highly recommend it, if you are looking for a new read. 

Happy Reading!

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