Book Review: Date Me, Bryson Keller by Kevin Van Whye.

Love is love, is love and love is THIS BOOK! This week, while educating myself on history and anti-racism, I picked up a few other books that I came across and loved the sound of. Considering I'm currently writing children's picture books and middle grade fiction myself, I wanted some inspiration, and boy did I get it. 'Date Me, Bryson Keller,' is Kevin Van Whye's debut book and it is perfection. 

The Blurb.

Date me, Bryson Keller!'

Everyone at Fairvale Academy knows Bryson Keller, the super-hot soccer captain who doesn't believe in high-school relationships. They also know about the dare Bryson accepted - each week he has to date the first person who asks him out.
A single school week is all anyone gets. There have been no exceptions to this. None.
Until me, that is.
Because brilliant Bryson Keller forgot one thing. He never said it could only be girls . . .

My Review.

Honestly, I wondered at first if as an adult I would find this book too young to read, but then I'm also an adult that adores movies like 'To all the boys I've loved before,' and 'Love, Simon.' two books, turned into movies, that this book has been compared to. Let me just say that this book could and should be a movie too. I can't say enough good things about it!

The voice, the writing, the story flowed effortlessly and was so easy to get lost in. I kid you not I have stuck to the same routine for the past 12 weeks in lockdown, going to bed at the same time as I would if it was a 'school night,' but reading this book threw me off course and I found myself getting into bed later and later wanting to read it, but then not wanting to read it too quickly.

Kai is a person you get behind, you feel for and completely fall in love with. His awkwardness, his anxiety, his love for writing and his hatred for maths and being picked in drama class were all things that high school me could definitely relate too. Only on top of all those things Kai has a secret that he keeps that makes him feel like he can't be his true self. I can't pretend that I know what it feels like to be gay, but I know in my heart that I don't agree with how hard society makes it for the LGBTQ+ community. Throughout Kai's story my heart broke for him trying to navigate his feelings and just life in general while keeping this secret, he wasn't ready to share.

When Bryce comes along, well, actually I can't tell you what happens when Bryce comes along, because that would spoil it, but it was brilliantly done. I felt everything and loved every moral, every significant moment and every statement made. Like I said, it was simply brilliant. Oh and Kai's sister is badass. I adored her!

This book is about LOVE and while I hope teenagers (and adults) from the LQBTQ+ community read it and find that they are not alone and that there is hope, I would also encourage everyone to read it, to learn, understand, but also to smile and enjoy, because it's a beautiful book.

Oh also, I found Kevin Van Whye's WWE and Manchester United references very cool too. If you read and spot them let me know. There are only a couple and some more obvious than others, but either way they made me smile!


Kelly xx

OK, so I literally just finished reading this book after starting it last night. I could not put it down!!!! This book is everything. I fell in love with Kevin Van Whye's writing style from the first page and head over heals in love with the characters the moment I met them. It is a powerful and important story that I implore every single person to read. It tugs at your heart strings, makes you listen, makes you feel, makes you swoon, my goodness will you swoon, it is absolutely gorgeous. It is one of those books that as an author made me go 'I wish I could write like that'. 

I feel like I can't write more as like Kelly mentioned above, I don't want to give any spoilers and I actually don't think I can articulate more words, I'm just currently swooning and swinging around on my chair as I write this. Kai and his awkwardness, hate for maths, dream of being a writer and his penchant for blushing made me smile so big, there were so many things about him I could connect with that I instantly wanted him as a best friend and don't get me started on his best friends, Priya and Donny, they were just wonderful. The family dynamics in this book are raw and real and beautiful and I found myself feeling connected to Bryson's Mom and loving Yazz and Crystal so much, they make you aspire to be like them. Kai's parents were also rather special. I'm not even going to talk about Bryson Keller because back to the 'I can't form words' part of my review and the 'I don't want to give spoilers', please go and read it and then we can talk. 

I cannot wait for more stories from Kevin Van Whye and highly recommend that you check out this beautiful and incredible debut now! 

Also, please visit the LGBT Foundation to read, learn and donate and follow LGBTQ on Instagram to support, learn and embrace love is love is love!!!

Lucy xx

Happy Reading!

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