Book Review: 'Meet me at Pebble Beach' by Bella Osborne.

'Meet me at Pebble Beach' is the first book I have read by the fabulous and wonderful Bella Osborne and it won't be my last!! Ahead of publication day, which is May 28th, I wanted to share my review and make sure you add this beautiful and fun read to your TBR pile!! :)


When Regan gets pranked, she finds herself jobless, homeless and boyfriendless in one fell swoop.
Luckily her friendly seaside community provides a beacon of hope, proving to Regan that sometimes you really can rely on the kindness of others – and one local in particular, a handsome fireman called Charlie, helps Regan realise that this could be her chance for a fresh start.
Armed with a list of ways to change her life, Regan decides it’s time to step out of her comfort zone. Because – as Charlie knows all too well – life is for living . . .

My Review

I thoroughly enjoyed 'Meet me at Pebble Beach' and was hooked to the wonderful characters within the first few pages. This book is a fast paced roller coaster ride of emotions, with lots of dips and dives and moments that I didn't see coming that kept me turning the pages. 

Our leading lady Regan was a firecracker, the way she spoke and her sense of humor definitely had me laughing out loud and I liked that she was quite feisty. Her story is certainly one of hope, believing in yourself and not giving up when it seems like you've tried everything and the universe just isn't in your favor. I felt for her and was rooting for her, and really wanted her to stay positive through her ups and downs. Regan made me nervous at times and kept me on the edge of my seat with some of her decisions so when Charlie came along I felt grateful for him and the way he brought a different perspective into Regan's life and gave her some time to pause and think about her actions a little bit. I was praying that Cleo's studio would survive to the end of the story. (You will have to read the book to see what happens.) However, she was always going to be her bold and spontaneous self. It was nice to see how Charlie effected her and made her see all the things in her life that she had to be grateful for and how he gave her that extra push to go after what she wanted. 

Charlie was everything. I absolutely adored him. I just loved his calm, his patience and his outlook on life. He was simply a beautiful character that I quickly became attached to. Bella had me crying and shouting at my book on two occasions- I loved him so much. I loved the banter that he and Regan shared and it made my heart flutter how at ease they were in each others company. Their time together looking after baby hedgehogs melted my heart and just their relationship in general was incredibly touching, heartwarming and one that I love, love, loved getting to see blossom. 

I also thoroughly enjoyed the friendship group around Charlie and Regan. Cleo and Penny, Kevin and Beanstalk, they were all like a family and I loved what each and every one of them bought to the story. They each go through their own dilemmas, problems and heartache, which looks at being homeless, being accepted by your family, finding love and dealing with critic of your work, and each story brings with it a lovely lesson and dose of inspiration and love. 

Bella has written a gorgeous story that you won't be able to put down and that will have you craving Pina Colada Jam, wanting to meet a baby hedgehog and fighting for your life and dreams. 

Happy reading!


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