Book Review: Christmas at Frozen Falls by Kiley Dunbar.

A Christmas book by the pond in May!! It might look like it doesn't fit, but let me assure you it did! Christmas is my favourite time of the year, so it was a lovely escape. This was also my first read from Kiley Dunbar and after seeing her on Twitter so much, I'm so happy to finally say that I've read one of her books.

The Blurb.

Sylvie Magnusson is going to be lonely this Christmas. Instead of jetting off for her honeymoon, she’s freezing at home in Cheshire. Guess that’s what happens when your fiancĂ© dumps you a week before your wedding…
Sylvie’s best friend, Nari, plans a trip to see the Northern Lights and get Sylvie’s mojo back. But as their Lapland getaway approaches, Sylvie realises that Frozen Falls is the hometown of Stellan Virtanen, her dreamy Finnish ex-boyfriend, the one that got away.
When they meet, Stellan’s still gorgeous – and her heart is warmed when he shows her the romantic delights of Lapland (as well as some adorable Husky puppies). But when she returns to England, can she really leave Stellan behind? Or will she find that her heart belongs in the frozen North?
Curl up with the perfect cosy read this winter. Fans of Sarah Morgan and Carole Matthews will adore this feel good, heart-warming romcom.

My Review.

When we were kids, we were fortunate enough to go to Lapland to see Santa Claus. We were around 6, I believe, but I still remember a lot about it. It was such a magical place and one I've been wanting to visit again for the longest time. I think my dream holiday is to go back and stay in a log cabin with a glass roof and a log fire or one of those tents or domes that I've seen online. I'm not really picky, I just want to experience it all again and also see the Northern Lights. I think that would be enchanting!

So, while I wait for my dream holiday, diving into 'Christmas at Frozen Falls,' was everything I needed to get me excited about it, while also getting my fill at the same time. I adored being in Finland with Sylvie and Nari. The descriptions of the place made me feel like I was there, I could picture it so clearly in my mind and felt like I was daydreaming each time I picked up the book. Honestly, I can't tell you how giddy I get at the thought of snow, snowsuits, hot chocolate by a log fire, husky sledding and cosy cabins and this book was just perfect for giving me all of those things, at Christmas time no less, which made it extra special and magical! 

I loved Stellan and Niilo's characters too. There's something about outdoorsy types, who know how to look after themselves and survive the wilderness. They were even better because they were kind and not afraid to show their vulnerable sides, even if it took Stellan a little longer to do so. I enjoyed Stellan and Sylvie's history and how they were rediscovering each other after all these years. It was sweet to me how they still had that familiarity with each other, yet were learning new things about each other too. I like stories like this, where time has passed, but feelings are still the same and connections aren't lost. 

Nari also bought an adventurous, almost glamourous side to this story too. I enjoyed reading her blog and seeing her give Sylvie little pushes when she needed them. Her relationship with Niilo was incredibly touching and beautiful to read. 

If you're looking for a magical dose of Christmas in May, that will have you dreaming of star gazing under twinkly lights and bundling up around a cosy fire, eating spiced cookies, then look no further than 'Christmas at Frozen Falls.' 

Happy Reading!


  1. Christmas at Frozen Falls is a wonderfully sweet, romantic read that delivers everything you'd expect in a Christmas romance and surely warm up your heart. I was left feeling my soul cleansed, purified, and content. This is certainly one of my favourite holiday reads and a book that will stick with me for long periods of time.