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It's been a while since we wrote something other than book reviews on here, but after connecting with Kidscape on Twitter, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to work with them on a blog post to not only introduce them to you, if you haven't already heard of them, but to collaborate with them on activities that you can do as a family at home, during this strange time we all find ourselves in.

So, here's a quick introduction to Kidscape:

They are a registered charity, who's mission is to prevent bullying and protect young lives by providing advice and practical training to children, parents and carers. Their hope is for a world for children that is free from bullying and harm, with adults that can keep them safe. Do follow the links to find out more on their website.

Now, if you know us, you will know that we have worked with children for the past fourteen years in various schools and nurseries and are Level 3 qualified in Early Years Education - boy college seems like aaaggggeees ago! ;) What we strive to provide for the children in our care, is a loving, judgement free, caring, creative and safe environment. We firmly believe that is what all children need and when given it, they will reach their full potential and above all be happy.

Right now, you have a perfect opportunity to provide this kind of environment at home and do loads of fun things with your children. A lot of things are uncertain, teaching them can be hard - believe us we know, but it's possible. The biggest thing we feel they will remember most from the time you spend with them is the words you speak, actions you take and how you make learning enjoyable. So let's get down to some activities.

Kidscape have teamed up with Elmer, the patchwork elephant, to put together a Family Fun Pack which includes a bunch of ideas for crafting, cooking, moving and shaking, story-telling and much more! It sounds amazing and you can download it here.

We thought we would share with you a few of our favourite activities that we did as kids at home, as well as one or two that have worked really well with the kids at school.



When we were kids, one of our favourites things to make with our Grandad was Gnocchi. We would have a production line going in our Grandparents dining room and spend a good couple of hours watching and listening to our Grandad's instructions. We loved mashing the potatoes, watching Grandad form a dough and roll it out and then the best bit was sticking our thumbs in at the end; to form the perfect Gnocchi shape! Find our recipe here. 


We loved Beanie Babies growing up and we were fortunate enough to have a lot of them between ourselves and our younger sister. What does every doll or cuddly toy need? Why a house of course!! We would spend hours using cardboard boxes of all shapes and sizes to make the most amazing homes for our toys. We embellished them with stickers, painted them, took them outside, played teachers with them. It was hours of entertainment for us. So, save all your boxes, bottles and toilet roll and get creative with your kids - the options are endless! 


How many times can you play hide and seek with a bunch of dinosaurs? That's a trick question, because we're pretty certain it's an infinite amount! This past week at school, we've been keeping those children that are in entertained with Dinosaur hunts. We wrote clues down, which the children then had to figure out, leading them to the dinosaurs hiding place. Afterwards they all took turns to just hide them and find them. You could do this with any of your children's favourite toys and make the clues as easy or as difficult as you want!


Another thing we did a lot as kids was making up shows and performances for our parents. You could have family talent shows where you tell your kids to prepare a talent throughout the day and then have a talent show in the evening - you have to get in on it too of course. You could be as goofy or as serious as you like. Maybe make up a talent that your children never knew you had, or one that just has them in stitches! Sing, do gymnastics, spin plates, play a non-existent instrument, just have fun!

Right, we shall leave you now to get planning your next activity. We hope you find these activities helpful and that you do head over to KIDSCAPE to check out what family fun Elmer has in store for you and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter

We hope you are all doing well during this time and are keeping safe. Sending nothing but positive thoughts and love to you all. 

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