Book Review: The Plus One Pact by Portia MacIntosh.

This book kind of snuck up on me from Portia. I usually know all about which books are coming out, but this one appeared one day and as soon as it did, I went on Netgalley to get it. 


What if your plus one could be the one...?
Cara has officially run out of men. Her most recent dates have gone from bad to worse, and when her dating app informs her there is no one left in her area to choose from, she is at a dead end.

But with a summer of events ahead of her, she needs to find a solution, fast; someone to keep her company at the never-ending weddings, family gatherings and gender reveal parties that she can’t face going to alone. So when she meets handsome, confident, Millsy on a night out she may be in luck. They could not be more different in personality, but he too has a summer of events ahead and is desperate to get his family off his back about finding a ‘nice girl’. What if they made a pact to help each other out and be a plus one for the summer? Just as friends of course...? 

My Review.

This was a lovely, light-hearted read for enjoying in the sunshine. I've been spending lots of time sitting outside lately and feeling grateful for my garden. All I've wanted to do is read and write and so that's exactly what I have been doing. 

It took me a few chapters in to realise that this story was revisiting characters that made me fall in love with Portia's books what seems like forever ago now - if I actually worked it out, it would probably scare me how quickly time flies - Millsy was Ruby's best friend in Truth or Date, which was the first book of Portia's I read. As soon as it clicked, all the memories started flooding back and it was a lot of fun to reconnect in that old friend type of way. 

Once again Portia brings us a feisty, yet vulnerable leading lady in Cara, who you can't help but get behind and want to see something good happen to. There is always humour behind Portia's heronies and I think that makes that easier to connect too. Cara is confident in certain ways and funny and makes jokes about her awkwardness but then that's the thing, she's still awkward and kind of dorky and well, aren't we all? As someone who definitely goes with self-depreciating humour a lot, I get Portia's characters and way of writing. So, when Millsy enters the picture who is this Jason Mamoa esque heartthrob BUT also a genuinely nice guy, I admit to feeling slightly like I wanted to give Cara a little girl power support and stand up cheering her on from the side lines...even though yes I know they are just friends...of course they are!

To be honest, this element of the story is what made me smile most. Cara and Millsy realise that they like being together and with all the things they go through it's like they are in a relationship but not. We often get told that love has to be all bells and whistles and fireworks and while yes that's charming and magical, I find the friendship behind it can be so much bigger than all that. Currently while we're all in lockdown I hope a lot of us are realising this. Each time my husband goes out and gets a new board game with our weekly shop, each time I beat him at Connect 4, or each time we just sit in the garden and discuss what lights or tables we would like to get next to put out there, I smile because I'm grateful to be not 'stuck' with him but rather, hanging out with one of my best friends (I have to say one of, come on I'm a twin! :p) I think that's very important. 

So, excuse my tangent, but if you are looking for a relaxing, comedic, enjoyable story, look no further than 'The Plus One Pact.'

Happy Reading!

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