Book Review: 'Hula Girl' by Lara Ward Cosio.


I am a huge, huge Lara Ward Cosio fan and love her 'Rogue series', to which you can find reviews for all the books in that series on this here blog, so I couldn't wait to dive into this stand alone.


Much to her annoyance, workaholic lawyer Ava Ruiz is forced to take a vacation to a tropical paradise. Unable to tear her mind off her cases, she's counting down the days until she can go back to work.

Until she meets Ford.

Admittedly, she has nothing in common with the gorgeous surfer. She's type-A and he's the definition of laid-back. But for a few steamy days, that fails to matter thanks to their instant and undeniable attraction.

Inevitably, all good things must come to an end . . . or do they?

Once back to their "real world" lives, Ava and Ford come face-to-face in a surprise reunion that takes a turn when he asks her to help him out by playing along with a fake engagement. Reluctantly going along with the ruse, Ava soon finds herself wondering if either of them is pretending, after all.

My Review 

I loved 'Hula Girl' so so much! It was a wonderful mix of sexy, heartfelt and loads of fun. I immediately loved Ava and the way she spoke. When we first meet her she's stuck in a tropical paradise and hating every minute. Her narrative was quirky and had me giggling. I liked that she loved her job and was independent and worked damn hard, she had a great work ethic and stuck by what she believed in. But I had to agree with her boss and did think she deserved a break and I hoped that she would start enjoying her forced holiday.

And, how can she not enjoy it when she suddenly bumps into Ford?

Ava's chemistry with Ford was hot, hot, hot and I just loved the two of them together. The banter between them was so easy flowing and natural and I really just felt like they had to be together. Even when they were simply having a good time, there was something special about their bond that was swoon worthy. Lara did such a fantastic job of making us feel that connection with them during their holiday fling and them only having known each other a few days. Furthermore, there time spent in Maui will have you day dreaming of sandy beaches, cocktails and beach huts and therefore I highly recommend getting a copy of this book if you need a bit of escapism right now.

I was fully captivated in finding out how they were going to make their relationship work and one of the main reasons I absolutely loved this book was that Ava stood her ground and wasn't a pushover when it came to just packing up her things and leaving her life behind to go and be with Ford. She made it very clear to him what she wanted and didn't back down. They were both very stubborn and I think Lara, again, did an amazing job at making you feel like 'well actually how can this work when they both don't want to move and leave their homes behind?'. It wasn't an easy fix. Moreover, I liked that even in the end it was about compromise and not just one way or the other.

You certainly feel like you are on a ride with Ava and Ford, their antics and adventures are exciting and fun to be a part of, some will have you laughing out loud and others will get you a little hot under the collar.

'Hula Girl' further cements my love for Lara and I suggest you give it a read now! :)

Happy reading!


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