Book Review: Her Dark Knight's Redemption by Nicole Locke.

This book was so much darker than anything I've read before and I read it in two days! There was something about it that totally captivated me and had me reading at any chance I could, which was both wonderful and frustrating. Us bookworms can't win can we? We find a book we love and then it all happens so quickly! How do you control yourself and make a book last? Do you have any magic tricks?

The Blurb.

‘This man was shadow and night…
He was Darkness.’

Homeless Aliette is saved from punishment for stealing by a mysterious knight. This stranger informs her that to stay alive she must claim his child as her own. She should fear the knight’s power, and yet it’s clear there’s more good to this man than he’s prepared to show. Can she break down the barriers of the tortured knight she calls Darkness…?

My Review.

I have to admit that the first chapter made me nervous. I wasn't sure what to think of this mysterious knight and what he was capable of. In those first few pages I was concerned about how he would be able to redeem himself, if he could at all. The way Nicole Locke wrote though meant that there were glimmers of hope and clues of a kinder man, which were the parts I clung to and that kept me fascinated by him and turning the pages.

I was impressed by this man's power and how it was second nature for him to command and be in control of the game he was playing, while also leaving small traces of kindness that he was unaware people noticed. His relationship with mercenary Louve made me smile so much because this man got under his skin even when he tried to be the dark, fierce knight he was supposed to be. Louve knew him better than that and the dialogue between the two of them warmed my heart. I liked the confident way in which Louvre spoke to the dark knight and how by him getting away with it, it showed another chip in the knight's armour. I found myself drawn to the way Louve spoke to Aliette too and hope I get to see more from him in a new story. It was hard not to fall in love with him a little bit.

Aliette was amazing. Her selfless acts and strength to survive this life, she had been left to fend for herself in, were admirable. She always put others first, no matter how badly she had been treated which was incredible to me, as she so easily could have just been out for herself after what she'd experienced. Her relationship with darkness was complex. I'm glad she stood up for herself and never stopped being herself. I adored the way she looked after the baby and at the first signs of her exposing her true feelings I wanted that for her, I wanted her to find love, but I was still cautious. It takes a while to really understand the Dark Knight, each page revealed that little bit more, but it does take time. I think that's what fascinated me most when reading the story. He's the hero but I had to wait to get to know and trust him, just like Aliette.

If you're looking for historical romance with a darker twist that will grip you right from the start then look no further than 'Her Dark Knight's Redemption.'

Happy Reading!

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