Food, friends and fiction.

Hey everyone, 

We just wanted to pop on here and give you a special discount code for our Food, Friends and Fiction event with the amazing Kate from Cooking and Carafes

With Spring approaching, the lighter nights and the beautiful sunshine upon us, we are happily counting down the days till we can meet you all and chat about books and Italy, whilst cooking pasta and enjoying delicious treats on a relaxing Saturday evening. 

We've been busy preparing what we are going to bring and we cannot wait to be working along side Kate to learn how she makes the mouthwatering dishes she shares over on her blog and Instagram

In addition, i'm super excited to get the chance to talk about my books and the inspiration behind them, expect Italian memories and me gushing over Harry Styles! ;) It will also be fun to be able to answer any of your questions about writing in general, which is one of my favourite topics. 

We're also thrilled to be sending you home with a goodie bag full of treats from Filippo Berio and a special discount code from the wonderful Mamma Prada Etsy shop. 

Speaking of discount codes! Use code SPRING at checkout for 5 off your ticket for this event today! 

Have a wonderful Wednesday! 

All our love

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