Book Review: Uncovering the Merchant's Secret by Elisabeth Hobbes.

'Uncovering the Merchant's Secret,' is another great read by Elisabeth Hobbes. I know I can rely on the ladies of the Unlaced Book club to keep bringing out fantastic story after fantastic story. It's a great feeling to know I'll never be short of a great book.

The Blurb.

A man with no past…

… could she hold the key to his future?

Shipwrecked merchant Jack Langdon wakes with no memory and steals a kiss from a beautiful stranger—widow, Blanche Tanet. As he recovers in her castle, passion flares between them. Jack’s fascinated by her independence and courage but, discovering his identity is not what it seems, Jack must first uncover the secrets of his own past, if they’re to have a future together…

My Review.

Firstly, I really enjoyed the setting of this book. It was different to books I've read before and the whole time I read it I was just thinking about Pirates of the Caribbean and this secluded little spot of land where all of this story was unfolding before me. It was an escape within an escape if that even makes sense?

I really felt for Jack from the start, as he was a man who had lost a lot and in turn didn't want much from life anymore, he didn't care about living or dying, which broke my heart. When he lost his memory it added to his vulnerability and made me feel quite protective over him. It was a page turner to see how or if his memory would return and it was also a conflict to know if that would actually be better or worse for him. When he first meets Blanche, it seems like the connection could give him life and restore his faith in living and finding love, but deep down he feels that something isn't right. I felt frustrated for him in these moments because part of me wanted him to let go and embrace his future, while the other half wanted his memory to return so he could feel like himself again.

Blanche was a force to be reckoned with and while I didn't always agree with her actions and wanted to tell her to tell Jack all she knew from the start, I also had to admire her strength and bravery in living the life she lead and doing what she had to do to get by as a woman in her time. Sometimes it can be very difficult to read historical stories and to hear about how women were treated back then. What they had to do for survival is simply incredible, but also heart wrenching. They had so much perseverance and in Blanche's case were so smart in thinking of ways to protect themselves. It's sad that she had to go to such lengths to do so, but also very bold and fascinating.

'Uncovering the Merchant's Secret,' was a very enjoyable read, one that kept me turning the pages and I highly recommend it.

Happy Reading!

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