Book Review: Pushing Her Luck by B.R.Maycock.

This is the first book I have read by B.R. Maycock. I was really intrigued by the concept and was eager to see what Holly had in store for her town and how she put her plan into action.

The Blurb.

Holly Caulfield has won the Irish National Lottery and sets in motion a plan to save the village of Abbeyglen. But who would have thought that giving money away could be so difficult?

With a resident’s association that’s clamouring for more and more money, an old lady who’s decided that a dream cruise is in her grasp and a couple who may not want that dream wedding after all, Holly’s finding it hard to keep it together!

With a new love interest and an ex-husband hot on her heels, it’s up to Holly to figure out what can truly make her happy.

My Review.

I have to say that the biggest thing that stood out to me about this story, was just how kind and good hearted Holly was. I loved that all she wanted to do with her lottery winnings was help other people. Like she didn't even stop to consider any other option the moment she won. It was straight into remembering about all the problems the people in her community were having and how she could help. I could relate to her in that small way as I often think about how amazing it would be to win the lottery and then just surprise people and help them out. It was a very endearing quality about Holly and one that made for such a lovely read. 

I also enjoyed her relationship with John. The two of them were very cute in their will they/won't they/does she/does he relationship. They were both quite awkward in certain ways and not totally confident when it came to the opposite sex, which just made it sweeter to me and like they were that much more well suited. Holly's ex on the other hand annoyed me a bit and I couldn't help but want her to stand up for herself a bit more with him. I didn't like that he treated her like a baby sometimes and she often gave in and just let him. I found myself wanting her to tell him where to go. That might be me being a bit mean though. Holly maybe always just tried to see the brighter side of things. 

'Pushing Her Luck,' is a fun, light hearted read that touches on a topic that we probably think about often or have definitely all thought about in the past. What would you do if you won the lottery?

Happy Reading!

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