Book Review: 'Only You' by Marie Landry

I came across Marie Landry over on Twitter through Jaimie Admans and I have to say she is absolutely wonderful. The writing community on Twitter is rather fabulous and Marie is one of those incredible people who always lifts others up, shares the book love and takes the most magical book photos. I looked into her books and knew I had to add them to my TBR pile. I decided on reading 'Only You' first because it just sounded so was...


When Ivy reluctantly takes a new part-time job at Santa's Village, it’s a means to an end. Doing this favor for her pain-in-the-neck roommate means Ivy can have her apartment to herself again much sooner. The last thing she expects is Hugh—the hot Scot who just happens to be her new boss—asking her out on a date. And then another. And another.

Something about Hugh makes Ivy want to let her guard down and open up, which would be perfect if he wasn't possibly returning to Scotland in a matter of weeks. But maybe that doesn’t matter. Maybe Ivy can learn to live in the moment and have a little fun, even if it means setting herself up for heartache later.

My Review

I thoroughly enjoyed this lovely read from Marie. Ivy was such a sweet character who at the start kind of just accepted life and went about her daily tasks; going to work, helping others and dealing with situations like accepting an annoying room-mate because she always puts other people first. Ivy has been through heartbreak with her family and she just wants to keep the peace and be thankful for the life she has. 

When said annoying room-mate signs her up to work night shifts at Santa's village, it's just another thing that Ivy agrees too even though she's already exhausted with her day job, but she's thinking about helping out her room-mate even though she doesn't like her very much. As luck would have it, being an elf at Santa's Grotto ends up being just what Ivy needed. I loved seeing her make new friends and especially enjoyed our introduction to Hugh, uh Hugh, he was just gorgeous.

It was a joy to see love blossom in a Winter Wonderland setting. The descriptions of Santa's village were utterly delightful and I loved the banter between all the staff and getting to sit in at the diner over dinner breaks or witness Santa being his kind and caring self as the children came to tell him their wishes. Marie created such a magical atmosphere.

One of my favourite things about the story was seeing Ivy take control of her life and go after the things she wanted. It was sweet that Hugh gave her a bit of a push, along with her best friends belief in her too, but I loved her figuring out what made her happy and following her heart. Furthermore, the idea of working in a bookshop/cafe always sounds so whimsical and in 'Only You', it's incredibly charming; I very much want to go and work there.

The times Hugh and Ivy spend together are utterly dreamy. Their banter was so fun and easy and I just fell in love with them both and think you will too.

If you are looking for a heartwarming, romantic read that sees lovers fight for the love they want and not give up no matter the distance, in addition to giving people nothing but love, allowing understanding to transform enemies into friends, then I highly recommend you pick up a copy of 'Only You' today!

Happy reading!


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