Book Review: Once a Fallen Lady by Eve Pendle.

I'm pretty certain that I read this short story in one day. It was too cute for words and gave me a much needed distraction, as well as a gorgeous book world to dive in to. I didn't even realise till the end that they were side characters in another book that I had already read and enjoyed by Eve Pendle, so that was a nice surprise, one that also seemed obvious once I put two and two together.

The Blurb.

He woos her with chocolate, flowers, and novels. She can't say no to him, but can't say yes to love.
Lydia Taylor's roof is leaking, her chickens are out of control, and she can't afford the rent. When her daughter falls ill, the last person she wants knocking at her door is gorgeous school teacher Alfred Lowe. His scowl makes her feel like he can see through her fa├žade of a respectable widow and judge all her secrets.

To achieve his dream of his own school, Alfred Lowe needs to marry a wealthy lady. But from the moment Lydia Taylor fell at his feet, he's been awkwardly attracted to her. What begins as duty to support one of his pupil's mother soon becomes much more complicated. Maybe even... love?

But amongst kisses, tears, and savory pies, the past creeps into the present, casting a long shadow. If they risk love, they could lose everything they've ever wanted.

My Review.

Honestly, 'Once a Fallen Lady,' sucked me in straight away. It was different in that it wasn't about earl's and dukes, it was a simple love story from way back when that captured my own heart the moment Lydia skipped to school with her daughter. I don't want to give too much away but my favourite parts were the interactions between Alfred and Lydia. We are always given men who are manly men, who know exactly what they are doing, who are charming and downright sexy. Men that we instantly swoon over the moment they offer a brooding look or mysterious glare. What I loved most about this book was that Alfred was the complete opposite and yet he was still one hundred percent swoon-worthy. 

Again, I don't want to give too much away, but Alfred stole my heart with all the little things that he did. He kept it simple but it showed that the small gestures can actually turn out to be the really big ones. Just looking after Lydia and visiting her every day to check in, helping with tasks and errands, bringing food and chatting to her daughter. He was the real deal and I loved that he got a chance in this story. It also made me smile because another norm is that it's the man who has all the experience when it comes to sex, but in Alfred's case it was he who lacked experience in that area and to me that added to his sweetness and charm. He was just a really kind hearted, innocent man. 

Thank you Eve Pendle for sending me 'Once a Fallen Lady.' If you are looking for a short, yet gripping read, that will warm your heart and your stomach, then I highly recommend you pick up a copy of 'Once a Fallen Lady,' today, I loved it. 

Happy Reading!

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