Book Review: 'How To Say Goodbye' By Katy Colins

I thoroughly enjoyed Katy Colins 'The Lonely Hearts Travel Club' series and was looking forward to reading another book from her again. I have been following Katy on Social media over the years and think she is wonderful. My heart was heavy when I read her posts about her Dad's passing, but her rawness and realness in talking about grief was incredibly inspiring and in reading about her journey of bringing this book to life, I knew it would be one I needed to read.


No one is ever happy to see Grace Salmon.
As a funeral arranger, she’s responsible for steering strangers through the hardest day of their lives. It’s not a task many would want – but, for Grace, giving people the chance to say a proper goodbye to the ones they love is the most important job in the world.
From the flowers in the church to the drinks served at the wake,Grace knows it’s the personal touches that count – and it’s amazing what you can find out about someone from their grieving relatives … or their Facebook page. But when she accidentally finds out too much about someone who’s died, Grace is finally forced to step out of the shadows… and start living

My Review

I was really struggling entering this New Year. It wasn't a happy time and I was completely at a loss of what to do with myself. With my Nanna passing, the world just got very dark and I felt very numb to all that was going on. It took a few weeks before I could bring myself to do anything, let alone read. When I needed that escape, the books I was being drawn to were the ones that touched on some of the more heartbreaking aspects of life and remembering Katy's story I immediately reached for 'How To Say Goodbye'.

I instantly warmed to Grace Salmon because I admired what she did. I often wonder how incredible we are as people and how our minds are all made up so different allowing others to do jobs that I could never fathom being able to do. Knowing how wonderful and amazing the funeral directors I have met are, I was in awe of Grace and her kindness and love towards the grieving. There are times when you feel so nervous about her searching the internet to make the people's funerals the best and most personal they can be, but you can't help feel touched by the effort and heart behind why she does what she does.

There are lots of twists and turns in this book that I didn't see coming upon initially picking it up, but they will certainly have you not wanting to put the book down. It's an emotional roller coaster with many beautiful connections and lessons to be learnt.

One of the main things that touched me with this story were the meetings. The characters were wonderful and bounced off the page and pulled at my heart strings. It was nice to be able to read a story that looked at how different people cope with grief and how it comes in so many different forms. It definitely made me feel less alone. Seeing this little old lady, Ms Norris, being so positive and at peace with planning her funeral and meeting a young boy who was navigating loosing his Grandma and a man, Callum who was working out how to allow himself to feel sad but not feel guilty when he had happy days too, was rather eye opening and beautiful. It was a lovely reminder of how we are all human; we all hurt and it's love and those connections that can guide us through it.

If you're looking for a story filled with hope, new beginnings and lessons on how to let go and move forward, then I highly recommend 'How To Say Goodbye'. 

Happy reading.


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