Book Review: His Countess For a Week by Sarah Mallory.

I've read a few books by Sarah Mallory now and always look forward to them. 'His Countess for a Week,' did not disappoint. 


A pretend marriage to the Earl
Sharing everything—except a bed…
To uncover a ruthless killer, Arabella Roffey masquerades as the Countess of Westray—never expecting her ‘husband’ suddenly to appear! He could expose her, but instead he agrees to continue her ruse for a week. Randolph is brooding, handsome, and Bella likes him more than she should. Pretending to be his wife, she shares everything with him—except a bed—but the temptation to do so is becoming all too real…

My Review.

I get excited about stories like this straight away, because I love the whodunnit mystery to it and find myself captivated by trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together before the main characters figure everything out. It's a lot of fun and makes me keep turning the page for just one more chapter. I definitely felt like this with this book and very much enjoyed seeing the story play out in front of me, as I tried to put two and two together. 

I instantly took a liking to Lord Westray and loved his laidback attitude towards Arabella masquerading as his wife. The dialogue between the two of them when they first met was charming and I couldn't help but swoon just a little with the way Lord Westray handled the situation and the way he smiled! From that moment on I liked him very much and the more I read, the more I liked him. He was protective, kind and charming, but also laidback and seemed to possess an air of authority without even trying. It was a very attractive quality. 

Arabella was incredibly sweet and I felt for her so much with how she had been treated and how she had come to be in the position that she found herself in. She saw the good in people and wanted to believe that those around her had good hearts, but that hadn't always been the case. She was bold and brave to do what she did and I was glad that it led her to Lord Westray and someone she could trust. The two fit perfectly together. 

If you love a bit of mystery and problem solving, with warmth and heart, then pick up a copy of 'His Countess for a Week,' today!

Happy Reading!

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