Who's your fictional Valentines Day Crush?

With Valentines Day coming up and with Kelly surprising me by making me this awesome poster inspired by 'To all the Boys I Loved before', I thought it would be fun to get into the Valentines Day spirit, spread a bit of love and get swooning over three boys that I absolutely adored writing in 'How to Bake a new Beginning' and 'The Ingredients for Happiness'.

So, if you fancy a little fun and like me you are spending this Valentines Day curled up with your favourite fictional characters, then I hope you will enjoy taking this quiz and getting to know the boys in my books a little more. I so often spend my time day dreaming about them and occasionally wishing that I had an Aunt Zelda and Aunt Hilda that would allow me to make them a reality using cookie dough! (Hands up if you grew up watching and loving Sabrina the Teenage Witch!) Ooh and who is excited about 'To all the boys, p.s I still love you'?

If you have a go, i'd love for you to share your results and let me know who you got! :)

Also, I would be so grateful if you checked out my books over on Amazon and if you haven't already, it would be so awesome if you could leave a small review! Thank you so very much!!

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And before I go, I know Valentines Day is just a little holiday and some people will celebrate it and some won't, but I just wanted to send you all hugs and loads of love, no matter how you are spending it, be it with your partner, friends, family, or by giving yourself a little self love. Please know that you are loved, you are awesome and you are amazing on Valentines Day and every single day!!! You are so worth it. Be patient! Be you! And go love yourself and all those around you!!!

All my love!

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