Valentines Day GIVEAWAY and updates.

Hey everyone.

It's been a little while since we have posted on here so we thought we would just do an update. For those who follow us over on Twitter or Instagram you might know that the end of December was an incredibly difficult time for us in that we lost our amazing Nanna. We don't really have the words to express how surreal life feels at the moment and there are days when we just feel at a complete loss and don't want to believe it. January was filled with a lot of emotions, many bad days but good and happy ones too, as we are just trying to figure out this new world without her.

Family has been at the absolute forefront of our minds, which though it usually is, has meant we have more than ever been taking a step away from social media and working out the right balance. With that though does bring lots of anxiety and nerves when you feel you should and need to be promoting books, blogs and everything in between, does anyone else ever feel like that? Sometimes things just get a bit overwhelming, don't they?

So, we have decided that for a little while we would like to focus on our book reviews here on the blog. We hope to get back to sharing recipes soon but it might just take a little time. We adore being in the kitchen and cooking up Nanna and Grandad's recipes and inspired recipes but don't quite feel up to it right now. Books have been a huge source of comfort for us and we can't thank all the incredible authors out there for giving us places to not feel so alone and to lift us up.

Also, all you wonderful, amazing book bloggers, we would be lost without you. During our time away, I (Lucy) can't thank you enough for sharing my books and keeping the support going. What you do truly means the world and on days where I couldn't be happy and sort of do my job and post about my books, you have been there for me championing me and spreading the word and from the bottom of my heart I thank you!!!!!!

Book news:

'Wishes Under a Starlit Sky' was released in paperback on January 23rd, which was very exciting. It's an incredibly special book for me and I am thrilled to be able to hug it and hold it in my hands. I hope that you might get a copy and add the stunning cover to your gorgeous bookshelves. You can find it on Amazon currently for just £6.47.

Speaking of books, if you have read any of my books and haven't already done so, I would be so incredibly grateful if you could write a small review over on Amazon, they really do help authors out and mean a lot. Thank you! :)


On the 28th March we are teaming up with the incredible Kate from Cooking and Carafes for a night of book talk and Italian food. We are very much looking forward to this event and can't wait to meet everyone and enjoy a fun and casual evening of learning how to make the most mouthwatering pasta with Kate and getting to talk about books. It is a blend of all our passions and we think it's going to be a blast. We absolutely love when people come together with love and food and hope that you will join us.

Please visit Kate's website here: Cooking and Carafes, to learn more and book today!


Lastly, with Valentines Day just around the corner we wanted to spread a little love and have a small giveaway to say thank you for your continuous love and support. 

We are giving away a signed copy of 'Wishes Under a Starlit Sky' a long with a delicious tin of milk chocolate Lindt all the way from Italy. 

Please head over to @TheBlossomTwins Twitter and simply answer our giveaway question for a chance to WIN. We will be running the giveaway for one week and will announce the winner on Monday 10th February. 


All our love


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your Nana! I know you girls adored her so much because you shared a piece of her with all of us that follow your blog! Sending both of you lots of love! Un abbraccio!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Lulu, that really means a lot. We miss her terribly but we hope to always share that love and shout from the rooftops of how amazing she was and will always be! We hope you're doing well! <3 xx