Book Reviews: Book Swap.

We've talked before about how we tend to read different books to each other and how we often have different tastes in books too. January was not an easy month and after a little while we found ourselves feeling ready to pick up some books for that little comfort and escape. We'd sit in the living room with Mum and our sister and talk about some of our favourites and then ended up actually getting around to reading some of those reads that we have been telling each other to read for years.

Jennifer Joyce - The Accidental Life Swap.

This was interesting, because it's me who has read the majority of Jennifer Joyce's books and I've been telling Lucy to read them for ages. This time she actually beat me to it and you can already read her review here. I eventually caught up and wasn't disappointed. Jennifer is one of my authors that I know I'm going to enjoy her work no matter what. Her writing is fantastic, fluent and funny. I enjoyed the concept of this book and how Rebecca had to zone into her boss, to release her own inner boss. I feel we can all relate to that in some way. We all have that something inside that can be hard to let out, be it through fear or anxiety. I liked that slowly but surely Rebecca learnt what she herself was capable of and no longer needed to channel her horrible boss. All of the characters in this book were very well written, to the point where everyone played a part and I started to feel like a local too. I didn't even want the builders to leave! It was a great story with humour and suspense and as always I look forward to Jennifer's next one.

Katy Hogan - Out of the Darkness.

My Mum has been talking about this book for years and passing it on to everyone she knows. I can't actually believe it has taken me this long to pick it up. But with a lot of sadness in my heart it was this book that my Mum had spoke of that I gravitated towards first. I instantly fell in love with Jessica and could feel everything she was going through. I understood her not wanting to be happy and how grief can just consume you and how it is not easy to go through. I liked that Katy didn't shy away from the pain or gloss over it really quickly. The story of three friends finding each other through loss and hurt and happiness really touched me. I thought it was absolutely beautiful. I couldn't put the book down and was eager to see how the links between each character came about. It will have you turning the pages and makes for a gripping read. I'm not usually one for sad books and while this book looks at death and how the characters learn and grow through certain tragedies, it is incredibly inspiring and uplifting and wonderfully written. The characters each pull at your heart strings and have you rooting for them the entire way and it is most definitely a book you want to hug at the end. I highly recommend it and I also have to mention that it NEEDS to be turned into a movie. So if any movie people are out there please take a look at this book, my Mum won't give up until she's told everyone how much this book needs to be a movie and my Mum knows best...I love her. :)

Jaimie Admans - It's a Wonderful Night.

I always knew I was going to read this gorgeous book as I adore Jaimie Admans, but Kelly got there first while I read Jaimie's incredible Christmas read 'Snowflakes at the little Christmas Tree Farm'. Sometimes after hearing about a book and someone telling you everything about it, you might think well I know what it is about now so I don't need to read it, but hearing Kelly talk about it made me want to read it more and like I said, it's Jaimie Admans. This book is full of so much beauty and charm and it was love at first page for me and Georgia and Leo. I could not get enough of their banter and how they looked after each other and set out to make each others day that much brighter. I thought Georgia was absolutely beautiful and loved her desire to help. Her crush on Leo pulled at my heartstrings and made me so happy. They both just had this fun loving nature about them and I adored the two of them together and seeing what escapades they were going to get into. Futhermore, Jaimie did an absolutely wonderful job at creating a story of hope when times are hard. I felt for Leo and hope that anyone reading this book comes away with the message of how important it is to talk. You are worth it and the world needs you like you wouldn't believe. Everyone needs to read this book.

Virginia Heath- A Warriner to Rescue Her. 

So, Mum and Kelly adore historical fiction and though I have the most amazing, talented and incredible author friends on Twitter and hear Kelly talk about them non-stop, who write these wonderful books, i'm ashamed to say it's taken me this long to pick one up- I'm smacking my own wrist. I think I devoured this book in two days. One of my favourite things about this books is Jamie's love of drawing and Cassie's love of writing and how their two passions came together. It totally made me swoon and was such a delightful way of seeing them come together and work together, I loved that. Then of course there's the fact that Jaimie is ridiculously strapping and Cassie is awesome, strong and wonderfully herself. She made me giggle and I thoroughly enjoyed being in her world. There are three other brothers in this series whom I look forward to getting to know.

What books have you been reading to kick off 2020?


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