Book Review: An Unconventional Countess by Jenni Fletcher.

This book was another example of how books are truly magic and I honestly cannot thank authors enough for all the work they do to give us these wonderful places to disappear to in the times we need them most. Thank you Jenni Fletcher for sending me 'An Unconventional Countess,' it was just what I needed.

The Blurb.

From shopkeeper&;

To earl&;s wife!

Part of Regency Belles of Bath. Two things are certain: Annabelle Fortini makes the best biscuits in Bath and Samuel Delaney, the charming bachelor who&;s just entered her shop, is trouble! Her mother&;s unfair exile from society has taught Anna aristocrats can&;t be trusted. Samuel may be a famous naval hero and reluctant heir to an earldom, but Anna can&;t fall in love with him! Unless she can overcome her pride and surrender to her heart!

My Review.

This was the fourth book I read in just over a week, after going almost a month after Christmas without wanting to pick up a book. You know that feeling when you read a book of feeling like you're reading the one you are supposed to be reading in the exact moments you are reading it? Am I making sense? Well, whether I am or not, that's how I felt reading this one. I took it to Italy with me a few weeks ago and it was a wonderful escape that also captured the essence of a relationship that felt very comforting to me at the time. I'm not talking about Samuel and Annabelle, rather Samuel and his grandparents. I haven't read a book in a while that conveys the closeness of this special relationship, so to pick up this one at the time I did couldn't have been more perfect.

Samuel's Grandma might have interfered a little and been a force to be reckoned with, but she loved her Grandson and only wanted the best for him. In turn Samuel's interactions with her were both humourous and heart-warming. To me it gave his character a different element because while he was a striking young captain, who came across all man, he also had a depth of sweetness and easygoingness shown to me by the way he spoke and dealt with his Grandparents. He seemed somewhat calmer and more grounded than a lot of leading men I have read about. I liked that about him. He didn't mess around and he didn't mince his words or his feelings. I enjoyed that about his relationship with Annabelle. The more they got to know each other and the closer they became, they seemed to naturally know where to go next without too much drama. Of course there is the odd hiccup, but their feelings never wavered. 

As for Annabelle, not only was she half Italian - another great omen for this book - she was her own woman. She was self sufficient and self reliable and very protective of her friends, especially around men. I loved that she had a biscuit shop and that she was determined to stay on her own two feet. She wasn't afraid to be honest with Samuel and open up to him. The two of them together were incredibly romantic. I very much enjoyed their interactions and dialogue. 

Thank you so much Jenni Fletcher for sending me such a wonderful read that was right up my alley. I cannot wait to read more from The Belles of Bath and highly recommend 'An Unconventional Countess,' to anyone and everyone.

Happy Reading!

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