Book Review: The Lord's Inconvienient Vow by Lara Temple.

Much like The Beauchamps from Janice Preston, I've followed the Sinful Sinclairs from the beginning. for the exact opposite reason to The Beachamps, I was very much looking forward to reading about The Sinclair sister this time, as the previous two books have been all about the men. Olivia's story was captivating and I absolutely adored it.

The Blurb.

‘I have a favour to ask…
I want you to marry me.’
Part of The Sinful Sinclairs. Samantha Sinclair was always Lord Edgerton’s complete opposite. But as Edge meets Sam again in Egypt, it’s clear the years have changed her as much as him. So when she blurts out an impulsive, convenient proposal, Edge’s protective urge compels him to accept. Is it possible for two such different people to be together and find the happiness they both deserve?

My Review.

Honest to goodness this book was magical. There was something so special about it and I couldn't put it down. From the descriptions of Egypt that made me feel like I was there, to the book within a book, to the beautiful characters and their love story, I was completely one hundred percent transported to book world each time I picked it up.

The dynamic between Sam and Edge was fascinating and I adored all of their moments together. I liked that they had history and that they were so laidback with each other. Sam's constant teasing with Edge made me laugh out loud on numerous occasions, because I loved how she wasn't scared to be honest with him, but that she did so more often than not in a humorous way. It was like I was waiting for each moment her humour caught him off guard and made him realize how uptight or silly he was being. The moments he did so and allowed himself to joke around were truly special. He had two different sides, both very attractive, but I enjoyed it when he let go a little and would tease Sam back. I think that's what made their relationship so much fun; they were friends first and knew each other better than anyone. I love that deep down they never lost that part of them, as well as their love for each other.

I also really like how Lara wrote a book within a book. The Dessert Boy series was so raw and descriptive and I really liked reading sections from the books at the beginning of each chapter. It gave Edge another dimension to his character and Sam's illustrations were so vivid that I could clearly picture them in my head.

If you're looking for a beautifully written love story with history and humour, then look no further and be sure to look into The Sinclair brothers if you haven't already too.

Happy Reading!

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