Book Review: Christmas with his Wallflower Wife by Janice Preston.

I enjoyed this story on my way to Virginia for Christmas last year. I feel like I've been with The Beauchamps a long time now and am sad their stories have come to an end.

The Blurb.

A convenient bride
Can he be the groom she deserves?
Lord Alexander Beauchamp has protected Lady Jane Colebrooke since childhood. So seeing she’s about to be forced to wed, he steps in with a proposal of his own! But Alex had underestimated the closeness that taking Jane as his bride demands – something he expected never to give. As Christmas approaches, he knows he must confront the dark secrets that shadow their marriage…

My Review.

I'm afraid this review is going to be short and sweet, as I read the book a while ago and just wrote a few notes on my phone. The good news is, those notes were all positive. I wouldn't expect anything else from Janice Preston, as I always enjoy her stories. I was especially excited to read about Alex, him being the Beauchamp brother and not one for settling down and his story did not disappoint. 

My favourite aspect of this story was the friends to lovers part. I adored Alex and Jane's relationship and how they had to build to the romantic side of things, after being friends for so long. It was so sweet how Jane already had a soft spot for Alex and how protective he already was of her. They had a good foundation in which to build their relationship on and it was lovely to read about. 

This book had me captivated as I tried to solve the mystery of who did it myself and it kept me engrossed as I urged Alex to talk to his wife and not the slimy Laschelles, who I didn't quite trust no matter how much he said he had changed. I feel like I have a long history with him too and was introduced to him so long ago. I couldn't tell you how long ago but it's amazing to me how books can make you feel like that; like I have this history with this family and like they're real people who have been with me for a few years. It truly is magic and I love authors so much for creating such exciting, wonderful worlds for us to indulge in. 

'Christmas with his Wallflower Wife,' was a very enjoyable read, one I highly recommend. 

Happy Reading!


  1. Thank you for such a lovely review, Kelly. I'm so happy that you took the entire Beauchamp family to your heart :-)

    1. Glad you liked it Janice and thank YOU for writing such a wonderful book! xx