Book Review: Miss Amelia's Mistletoe Marquess by Jenni Fletcher.

I always get so excited hearing about Jenni Fletcher's new books and love reading other people gush about them on social media too. I'd heard great things about Amelia and Cassius, so I couldn't wait to dive into their story. Like every other book by Jenni I've read, I was happily settled between the pages within the first few sentences. 


The virtuous Miss Fairclough
Now faces ruin!
When Amelia Fairclough had sought refuge in a blizzard, a brooding stranger had given her warmth and shelter. She’d even tried to soothe him of his demons in return. But as she scurried home at dawn she was spotted! Now he’s in the parlour, offering to do the honourable thing. Surely she’d be a fool to turn down the new Marquess of Falconmore!?

My Review.

Straight off the bat I loved Amelia. She was very strong willed and didn't hold her tongue very often, but she also came across so sweet and lovely. I almost felt like I wanted to look after her and be a big sister to her, which made the dynamic between her and Cassius all the more appealing. I liked that he was a strong man who could take care of her. The two of them together were incredibly cute. They could talk about everything and were so relaxed around each other and it made me smile that they genuinely liked being in each others company. 

It seemed like such a simple story between the two of them and only had a few ups and downs, but I really, really enjoyed that about it. It was all about the two of them; how they helped each other, how they opened up, how they became friends and then more, how they learnt to trust each other and how they learnt to love. It was so endearing, without too much conflict which made for a nice change of pace. With Jenni Fletcher's writing you really can't go wrong. 

Back to Cassius, because, well, he was definitely swoon worthy and totally wonderful and I could see why everyone was saying such good things on twitter. He just made me smile. The way he spoke to Amelia and teased her every now and again when he let his guard down made my heart melt. I fell for him the moment he opened the door to a frozen Amelia and continued to fall for him over and over again throughout the story.

If you're looking for a story with warmth, charm, winter festivities and a whole lot of loveliness in the best possible way then I highly recommend 'Miss Amelia's Mistletoe Marquess.'

Oh and I should mention it's part of a series with three other authors. This was the second book in the series, so they can be read as stand alones. I have Virginia Heath's to look forward to which is the fourth installment and then I need to fill in the gaps.

Happy Reading!

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