Mangia: Chocolate Orange Hot Chocolate.

We are, without a shadow of a doubt, the exact kind of people all the major coffee shops love this time of year. Anything on their menus that change to pumpkin, bonfire, peppermint or any other Autumn or Winter theme, we are all over it. More so in America than here. We definitely spent out fair share in Starbucks over the course of seven years Stateside. Here we tend to feel inspired to try our own concoctions at home, although we have been eyeing up Costa Coffee's Bonfire coffee!! Has anyone had it yet? Is it worth it?

Today we're just sharing a very simple recipe that we whipped up last night for Halloween. This felt very Autumnal to us with the colours, however, it would be perfect for Christmas too...who can have Christmas without cracking open at least one Terry's Chocolate Orange?

What you need:

1 bag of dark chocolate buttons. (Roughly 1 cup)
1 orange.
1/4 cup of sweetened condensed milk.
1/4 cup of milk.

This made enough to fill these two small glasses. It's very rich, so we like to make it in small batches.

What to do:

Place the buttons, milk and condensed milk into a small saucepan on a medium heat. 

Allow to combine and melt slightly, then add three slices of orange. 

Keep stirring until all of the ingredients have come together and your hot chocolate comes to a boil. Be careful not to let the bottom burn. 

Serve straight away, with half a slice of orange to decorate.

You can also add a few squirts of Orange juice before serving, it depends on taste and how orangey you would like it! Or go one further and add a dash of Orange liquor! Have fun and let us know! 

What's your favourite Hot Chocolate concoction?

Buon Appetito.


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