Book Review: The Highborn Housekeeper by Sarah Mallory.

This gorgeous book feels like it has been on my TBR pile forever, so please Sarah Mallory forgive me for taking so long to finally read it and get a review up. Between starting a new job and grandmas visiting from America I hadn't had much reading time. Thankfully I got to sit down and enjoy 'The Highborn Housekeeper' on my recent trip to Italy. I don't think Nancy and Gabriel would have complained though - look at the view!

The Blurb.

A disgraced lady
Turned lowly housekeeper
Earl’s daughter Nancy turned her back on the aristocracy when she fled a forced marriage, working as a cook and housekeeper. But in nursing an injured man back to health, Nancy uncovers a deep longing for the dangerously attractive Gabriel, and a surprise: he’s working to protect government secrets! She wants to help him. But to do so, Nancy will have to return to the life she once cast aside…

My Review.

This story had me hooked from the first chapter when Nancy meets Gabriel in not so brilliant circumstances. I loved how she nursed him back to health and how their relationship progressed from there. Nancy had a very no nonsense approach to dealing with people and also about dealing with relationships. It took time, but as her feelings for Gabriel grew and their chemistry couldn't be ignored any longer, Nancy remained, on the outside, in control of the situation. She wasn't naive about what she was getting into and what she was doing. Of course when she realized just how deep her feelings for Gabriel ran then it was a different story, but I liked how she took charge in the beginning. She was very organised and good with managing everything. 

Gabriel was a wonderful leading man with plenty of charm and kindness to attract attention and keep me turning the page. The way he treated Nancy and the way they spoke to each other was very sweet to read and enjoy. The way Sarah gave them time to become friends, then a bit more, then a bit more was excellently done. It felt like everything happened at the right time and made it that much more enjoyable to read and go a long with. 

I was completely swept away by the story and was captivated by the plot. I loved the secondary characters that all played vital roles in helping solve Gabriel's mission and loved when things started falling in place. By the end of the story I was sat on my hotel bed kicking my legs about with excitement (as you do) as the last few scenes unraveled and it all got tense and enthralling. My husband was smiling/laughing at me as I tried to explain what was going on. I'm sure after ten years he's used to this behaviour now when I'm reading a good book... I hope!

If you are looking for a new read that has fun, adventure, mystery, heart and will keep you intrigued from start to finish, I highly recommend 'The Highborn Housekeeper.' Thank you so much Sarah Mallory for sending me a copy!

Happy Reading!

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