Book Review: Gift of Happiness by Holly Martin.

Holly Martin is giving us the gift of happiness in both title and book form this Christmas, as she once again delivers a wonderfully festive romance. After reading the first book 'The Little Village of Happiness,' and getting to know the characters and place, it was lovely returning for festive fun and games, of which there were plenty. 

The Blurb.

This December Ruby Marlowe is relocating her little Christmas shop and everything she owns to the pretty seaside village of Happiness. With her best friend Willow already living there, and a heartbreaking past she’d rather forget, Ruby jumped at the offer of a cosy cottage and a fresh start on the Cornish coast. But she wasn’t the only one…
The last person Ruby expects to find in Happiness is her summer fling, the very gorgeous Jacob Harrington. He’s the only man who has come close to unlocking her heart, and therefore the one man she knew she could never see again. But now he’s here in the same village, and the chemistry between them is more electric than ever.
Falling in love again is something Ruby has vowed never to do. But Jacob is determined to change her mind.
As the village sparkles with Christmas lights and the snow begins to fall, can Jacob convince Ruby that love is worth the risk? And will Ruby accept the gift of happiness that Jacob is offering her before it’s too late?

My Review.

Reading Holly Martin's books now is like slipping into my trusty, cosy jumpers that are always there when I want comfort. I know that they fit and I know they will keep me warm. Holly's writing is comforting, flows effortlessly and the places she creates are heartwarming and cosy. The little village of Happiness was especially so at Christmas time. I could picture the streets and the cottages so clearly and it definitely added to my need to visit a cute snowy town sooner rather than later. 

I love familiarity in books, so I enjoyed meeting Ruby again and following her story while also getting to see Willow, her best friend and Andrew, Willow's boyfriend again. Their story in 'The Little Village of Happiness,' was incredibly sweet and I liked getting to see where they were up to. 

Ruby and Jacob's story was incredibly romantic. It was so very easy to fall in love with Jacob, I mean he was quite perfect. I really loved that he focused on the small things to make Ruby happy, but that he also gave her space and got on with being her friend just so he could look after her. It broke my heart hearing what Ruby had gone through and I understood her fear and how hard it was for her to let go of the past. The fact that Jacob did and said all the right things just made me love him even more. And I know that there are guys out there who would do and say the same things in this situation, so it hit home with me and made it all the more real. Their friendship, I think is what made them work so well together. of course they had this undeniable connection, but they grew to love each other as friends and be there for each other first which made them stronger. 

The fun and games that were part of the Christmas festivities made me want to plan similar things for my family to do this Christmas, especially with our niece. I love making Gingerbread men but don't always get round to it, but this year I definitely want  to add Christmas cookie competition and an angel making contest to the list. They would be so much fun! 

There was so much to love about 'Gift of Happiness,' from the village, to the villagers, the Christmas decorations, to Ruby's beautiful shop, the friendships, to the romance. It has it all and makes a perfect festive read. Just make sure you're stocked up on mulled wine and hot chocolate, because you are most definitely going to want some!

Happy Reading!


  1. Sounds like a great book especially due to the happiness topic :) Made me smile and I haven't read the book yet :)

    Laura xo

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