Next Stop: Praiano.

I'm in love with this photo because it looks like an old postcard. We took this picture coming around a bend from Amalfi back to Praiano in April. All the white houses in the distance make up Praiano. We are heading back their in October, which, for the first time ever, will make that twice in one year and we cannot wait!!

We have been terrible lately at keeping up with the #DolceVitaBloggers, but it's a group we absolutely love and are so glad we found. So with a few minutes to spare before heading out for the day, I thought I would write an Italy post to share for this months blogger linkup.

I'm going to keep it short but sweet. I love a good 'To Do' list. Doesn't everybody? And one of the things that is making me extra excited about our upcoming trip is the fact that my husband, Chris, is coming with us. Chris has been to Pisa before, but in the almost ten years we have been together he's never been to the Amalfi Coast - although he may feel like he has due to the amount of time we spend talking about it and from the countless photos he has seen. I'm not sure what the weather will be like at the end of October, but my list is hoping for the best! :p

To Do - Praiano. October 2019.

1. Show Chris Tutto per Tutti.

2. Relax on the balcony.

3. Explore Zia Rosetta's garden and show Chris around.

4. Take Chris to the beach we went to as kids.

5. Collect olives for olive oil. It should be Olive season or just about coming to an end.

6. Take Chris to Positano.

7. Take Chris to Amalfi.

8. Have a drink and a treat at Pasticceria Pansa.

9. Have coffee or dinner at Kasai.

10. Take Chris to our lair. 

Praiano is so peaceful and breathtaking, that for the majority of our trip I want to be able to relax and take it all in again. I've got my fingers crossed that Chris enjoys the family time and quiet. 

Where's your next stop?

Have a great day. 


  1. I have been terrible with DVB too! (I used to write on Day By Dom and migrated my site to a new one--Citizen of Travel).

    Praiano looks sister was just on the Amalfi and it gave me serious wanderlust. I have to add this one to my list of places to go!

    All the best,

    1. Hi Dom,

      We remember reading your other blog and will have to check out your new one!

      Oh you must. It's truly wonderful, so breathtaking and peaceful. :)

      Lucy and Krlly

  2. Hi ladies! Thank you for joining. We are all struggling to keep up I think! So pleased you are heading back to your favourite place and most importantly sharing it with Chris! Can't wait to see the photos and if you managed to do everything on your to do list and not just sit on the balcony! :-) xx

    1. Haha I know! It's so easy to get stuck up there just watching and listening to the sea. They have a porch swing too on there, so once you get comfy after a big lunch, you don't want to move! :p xxx

  3. It's so great you are coming back to Italy this year! :) Have an amazing time, I'm looking forward to following you along on Instagram! <3

    1. Aww thank you so much! We can't believe its less than two weeks away. We're still scrapbooking our last trip!! We'll be sure to take lots of pictures though! :) xx