Book Review: The Rake's Enticing Proposal by Lara Temple.

I remember being intrigued by Chase Sinclair when I read 'The Earl's Irresistible Challenge' a while ago now. I was excited to meet him properly in his own story and he did not disappoint. 

The Blurb.

The rake has a proposition…
Will she accept?
Part of The Sinful Sinclairs. When globe-trotting Charles Sinclair arrives at Huxley Manor to sort out his late cousin’s affairs, he meets practical Eleanor Walsh. He can’t shake the feeling that behind her responsibility to clear her family’s debt, Eleanor longs to escape her staid life. Chase can offer her an exciting adventure in Egypt… But that all depends on her response to his shocking proposal!

My Review. 

Firstly, I loved that Eleanor had a best friend who she was willing to scheme with in order to help him get out of being set up with someone he didn't want to marry. It was like a little modern movie twist in my historical romance and I found it really sweet. She put his feelings and needs before hers and I loved that she had that relationship and friendship. This element sucked me in as when Eleanor and Chase first met I was wondering how on earth their relationship, with their obvious chemistry was going to progress if Eleanor was already taken, thus keeping me turning the pages to see what was going to happen. 

Chase was a charmer through and through, even at the start he couldn't help but flirt with Eleanor even when he knew he shouldn't. I liked that even though this made him seem like an impossible rake, he actually really wasn't and those that knew him best knew that about him. He was quite responsible and kind and very protective of those he loved. I think I said this in my review for the first book in the Sinful Sinclair series, but I adore the sibling aspect to these stories. Lucas, Chase and Sam have such a wonderful relationship and truly know each other and look out for each other like only brothers and sisters can. I'm very much looking forward to finding out more about Sam, which is the next book in the series. 

As for Chase and Eleanor, they had very entertaining dialogue and I thoroughly enjoyed how their story developed. They complemented each other and worked well together. I loved that they both had a sense of adventure and that Chase was able to assist Eleanor in seeing the world and going on the adventures she had only dreamed about. It was all very lovely. 

If you're looking for a new series with charm, excitement and all the family feels, the The Sinful Sinclairs is for you! 

Happy Reading!

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