'The Ingredients for Happiness' Publication Day!

Last Thursday was publication day for 'The Ingredients for Happiness.' It was such a lovely day made wonderful by my family and friends love and wishes and by all you amazing book bloggers, authors and friends online.

However, Kelly had plans up her sleeve. Last year on publication day for 'How to Bake a New Beginning', my family surprised me with the most beautiful cake, which you can see here. This year I wasn't expecting the same, with everyone being busy and there being lots going on, though Kelly had been rather secretive. Twintuition kicked in on Saturday morning though and I couldn't help feel a little giddy at the prospect of another book cake. I mean books and cake, who wouldn't?

With the sun shining on Saturday I spent a lovely morning with Nanna before I was allowed back at Kelly's house; where Chris indulged me by letting me put on a Shawn Mendes playlist and we prepared delicious snacks and food.

My family then surprised me with this absolutely stunning cake. I mean, seriously how beautiful is this? I had been excited at the prospect of possibly seeing my book cover printed on a cake but this just blew me away; 'The Ingredients for Happiness' in cake form. It's just gorgeous. You can find Charlotte, the wonderful mastermind behind this cake, over at 'Cakes and Toppers By Charlotte' on Facebook.  I can't even get over it, it's so pretty.

I had such a fantastic day (two days) and honestly continue to be floored by all the love around me. From my family's support and encouragement to every single person who shares, tweets, reviews, and takes the time to message me and spread the kindness and love, I am beyond grateful.

I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend and have an awesome week ahead.

All my love and gratitude.

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