Mangia: Pancetta and Rocket Spaghetti.

We love spending time with our Nanna. We see her everyday and she never fails to put a smile on our faces or fill our hearts with joy. One of our favourite things to chat about is food. Just like with Grandad, we love getting carried away asking her about her recipes, dishes from her childhood and coming up with new ideas.

Nanna and Grandad have never needed a stocked fridge to make a feast. They might have just a few things in and still they'd make the best most flavourful dish, using what they've got. Just the other day I was chatting to Nanna. I had pancetta, rocket and some eggs at home and was thinking about what to make with them.

I wondered if I could cook the rocket and mix it with the pancetta, kind of like you would with spinach; Nanna and I thought it would be delicious with spaghetti. So, home I went, after Nanna gave me a packet of spaghetti, ( we can never leave their house without food) and set about throwing things in a pan and hoping for the best.

What you will need:

Packet of pancetta
Two bags of rocket
Two eggs

What to do

Pour your oil in a frying pan, add your garlic and let it simmer until golden.
Add your pancetta and allow to cook.
You can be cooking your spaghetti while you do this bit as it doesn't take too long. 
Once pancetta is nearly done, add your rocket, season with salt and pepper and allow to cook; stirring to combine. 
You can add a little basil too.

Once the pasta is cooked. Drain the water and add your pasta to your frying pan with the pancetta and rocket. 
Add two eggs and a bit of butter and combine, making sure to cover your spaghetti with the oils, rocket and pancetta. You can add more salt and pepper to you taste. 
Here I was thinking you could probably add a splash of cream with your eggs to give it more of a saucy carbonara texture, but I shall experiment with that next time. 

This dish turned out light and flavourful and it really was simple.

What's your favourite past dish?

Buon Appetito.


  1. I love how the simplest ingredients can make such a delicious meal!