Mangia: Biscoff Cheesecake.

This past bank holiday weekend was another busy one in the kitchen. We made a couple of lunches for our Mum and Nanna and then couldn't resist adding in a sweet treat or two. One was a little last minute throw together pie with leftover Sfogliatelle filling, which turned out quite delicious. The other was this pretty little cheesecake that we found on Pinterest. 

Doesn't it look amazing? We fancied something different and had a few Biscoff cookies in the cupboard, so after a quick scroll through Pinterest  and a nip into Tesco we spent the morning whipping this up. 

We'll leave the recipe link here: Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake.

We halved the recipe to make a smaller cheesecake, but were really pleased with how it turned out. It was just enough for us, Dad, Mum, Nanna and our Uncle Tony to enjoy. Dad's not a huge sweet person and was only going to have half a piece until he tried it and had to eat the rest. It was that good. The three of us then shared the last piece the next day! We will definitely be making it again. 

We also learnt a cool trick about cutting cakes, say if you wanted it looking really neat for a party. After cutting each slice, wash the knife with warm water and wipe it. This gives each slice a very neat, clean cut. The pictures on Pinterest looked incredble, so thank you for the tip Cleobuttera!!

What's your favourite kind of Cheesecake?

Buon Appetito!


  1. I love cheesecake and this one looks DELICIOUS and soooo pretty! Once the weather cools down here (to hot for ovens!! haha), I'm going to have to try this cheesecake recipe! :) Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you LuLu!! It really was so delicious and easy to whip up! We made it again yesterday as well!! :) xx