Book Review: 'No Place like Home' by Maxine Morrey.

I really just wanted to type a big 'Eeeeeeeeeekk' for this review, as I've just put the book down and well...Eeeeeeek!!!! Get ready readers, this one will have you hugging your Kindle or Paperback.


Two hearts. One home?
Ellie Laing has a very good reason to want to stay single: her last relationship put her in danger. And she’s worried that while the physical scars will heal, the emotional ones never can. So, travelling to Kansas for her best friend Sandy’s wedding, Ellie’s in need of some time alone. And Sandy’s brother Ben’s rural and idyllic ranch seems like the perfect place for it.

Ben comes with his own baggage – a failed marriage in his past, and a big question mark over his future – and he knows the feelings he had for Ellie belong firmly in the history books. But, sitting on his porch with her, he’s never felt more at home.

Both of them swore they were better off alone… yet is it possible that two broken hearts could come together to heal?

My Review.

I absolutely head over heals fell in love with 'Second Chance at the Ranch' from Maxine Morrey, so I couldn't wait to dive into 'No Place like Home'. These two books are a little stray away from Maxine's lighter Rom Coms and all I can say is WOW!! 

With the heartbreaking event that occurs within the first few chapters this gorgeous book had me gripped. I adored Ellie right off the bat and wanted nothing more than to protect her and see her find her way; away from her sadness. Ellie is such a sweet, kind hearted and beautiful character that I felt drawn to and connected to. I couldn't put the book down until I knew she was happy. Ellie comes from a wonderful family and has had a life of adventure having lived between London and Kansas and she has a lovely and fun friendship group. She's an artist and also works for one of her best friends. But she struggles with love and relaxing after having suffered badly at the hands of her ex. She's vulnerable but still has so much strength and fight in her that I thought was inspiring. 

Ben has known Ellie since they were kids, with Ellie having lived across the way from his family and his little sister, Sandy, being Ellie's best friend. Ben's a country singer with a big but fragile heart after going through a divorce after his wife cheated on him. Him and Ellie have always been close but his feelings have grown stronger for her over the years. But he's terrified of messing up their friendship.

When Ellie goes to stay at Ben's house, with her friend Kate and Ben's best friend Tyler, for Sandy's wedding it might just be the right time for these to friends to open up about their feelings for each other. 

Uh, I read this book in three days. Honestly, I didn't want to put it down. I'm writing this right now and I miss the characters. Firstly, Kansas was an absolute gorgeous setting. Maxine paints the most stunning pictures of wide open spaces and beautiful houses out in the middle of nature that are so peaceful and inviting, I now want to go and move in with Ben. I'm not even kidding. To sit on the porch swing watching the sunrise and sunset sounds heavenly. His house sounded like paradise. 

Secondly, the family aspects of this books tugged at my heart strings. I could just feel the love bursting off the page and it warmed my heart big time. The friendships are beautiful, the sibling bonds are endearing and I just loved that essence of family values. 

Thirdly, the characters all go through their ups and down, heartbreak and hurt, but what I really loved was that once Ben and Ellie opened up to each other there was no going back on their words. They were in it together and what came after that melted my heart. 

And lastly, I adored Ben and Ellie's banter, they had me giggling and grinning and swooning, I just thought they were so cute. The whole cast of character's banter was an absolute joy and a delight to read and feel a part of. 

This book is so warm, endearing and perfect. I highly recommend you pick up a copy of 'No Place like Home' today! 

Happy reading.


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