Book Review: 'The Little Unicorn Gift Shop' by Kellie Hailes.

This was my first book by the awesome Kellie Hailes. I have been eagerly awaiting getting to 'The Little Unicorn Gift Shop' on my TBR pile. I loved the sound of it and the cover is just too cute.


Life’s always better with a little bit of sparkle.

Poppy and Ben have been best friends forever and now they’re embarking on a new adventure together – opening a joint unicorn gift shop and cafe. Ben has one rule; no unicorn paraphernalia is to cross into his tea shop. But Poppy has other ideas…
They’ve always been there for each other, at least until Poppy went travelling around the world – without Ben. But now she’s back and she’s determined to stay put, bringing a little bit of magic back into Ben’s life.
Can they go back to the way things once were or will the years of distance stand in the way of their new shop and blossoming romance?

My Review.

I don't think I stopped smiling while reading this book. I adored it. Firstly, the idea of a Unicorn gift shop had me feeling all happy inside and I got so giddy seeing it come to life. Secondly, Poppy and Ben...swoon!!! 

This book was just so full of warmth and happiness from start to finish. Yes, there was heartbreak and sadness, but I just loved the characters and how they worked things out and got through things together. Poppy and Ben were a dream. I loved their friendship and how funny and at ease they were with each other; always teasing each other and pushing each other out of their comfort zones. 

Getting to witness their friendship blossom was incredibly heartwarming and often hilarious. The way Ben looks and talks about Unicorns had me chuckling, and how Poppy kept thinking of ways to add a bit of glitter and fun to Ben's tea shop had me giggling out loud. And seriously, I could just picture the Unicorn shop and Tea shop so clearly and wanted to visit and just buy all the Unicorn paraphernalia described. It sounded so magical and sparkly.

One big thing I absolutely adored about this book was how well Poppy and Ben knew each other. It was wonderful and refreshing to have moments when they knew what the other was feeling and why they were upset. Instead of walking away from each other mad or there being frustrating drama trying to figure out what was wrong with each other, I truly loved that all it took was considering each other and putting two and two together to make the other feel better, because they were that in sync. Does that make sense? It was just so sweet to have Ben understanding her expressions but actually stopping to think about what would make her mad or sad. And it was lovely that Poppy often did this with Ben too; thinking about how nervous he gets speaking in front of people or how what she said could push him away. Little things like that were utterly heartwarming. 

Of course, this gorgeous story still takes you on a roller-coaster ride and you hope that these two friends will find their way together, that Poppy will overcome her fears and that both Ben and Poppy will be able to reconcile with their parents and live the life of their dreams happily.

I highly recommend you pick up this fun and beautiful read today.

Happy reading.


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