Vasteras Summer Meet.

This time two weeks ago we were packing our fifties dresses, underskirts and headbands into our suitcases ready for a weekend of going back in time to one of our favourite eras and visiting Sweden's biggest car show for the first time since we were 16! 

The Summer Meet is held in Vasteras, Sweden and our Dad has been going for the last 19 years. Back in the day, and when we went at 16, and 17, it was called The Power Big Meet. Two years ago the original show moved further away to a different town, but a  new guy decided to still do a show in Vasteras calling it The Summer Meet - just a little history for you! 

When we first went to this show with Dad, we actually drove in his Cadillac. We had an amazing time and it was such a cool experience going by ferry and then driving to Sweden in a classic car and being able to cruise around. Since then Dad has always gone by plane and up until last year walked everywhere. Last year he decided to rent mountain bikes and he did the same this year with us. We were so glad he did because they were so much fun, seriously, we forgot how much fun riding around on bikes was. Sure our faces got wind burnt and our legs were stiff after four days, but we had an absolute blast! Good call Dad!! 

Exploring the stalls and snapping a picture after we heard Elton John's Crocodile Rock and couldn't resist singing and dancing and pretending to be Taron Egerton. Like you do.

Between the two of us and Jen, a 1957 Chevy Bel Air is now our dream car and at the top of our list to own one day. We saw so many different colours at the show. This yellow one ranked second to the beautiful turquoise one...we's a tough choice and then we also saw it in black and boy, it's just a really sweet looking car! Which colour would you choose?

Talking of adding cars to lists, this here would be my (Lucy's) dream car. I have daydreamed of owning a VW Camper since the very first days of going to car shows with our Dad as kids and that dream is still holding up strong. They weren't as popular in Sweden this year, this was my only sighting, but it was enough to get my mind wandering to what colour I would like and how I would design it inside. You can check out our Pinterest if you want to see what I've been thinking about.  

While we were completely unprepared with the weather - we never actually got to wear our dresses - we did get a sunny Saturday to wander around all of the cars on the field and to enjoy cruising the streets on our bikes, while riding past classic car after classic car and vendors selling donuts, churros and chocolate kebabs!!! The weather wasn't all bad in all fairness, but with lots of rain Thursday and Friday and it getting very breezy on our bikes, we stuck to jeans and jackets most of the days. It was still tons of fun though...are you still thinking about chocolate kebabs? Thought so! ;) Would you believe we didn't actual stop to get one!?

We're actually stood on top of a dumpster in this picture! We rode our bikes to a huge retail car park where they were having burnout competitions and the place was packed. The whole car park was full of mostly classic American Cars and people were everywhere. We couldn't see the burnouts so decided to copy everyone else and climb up high so we could see. So many parts of this trip reminded us of the fun and carefree things you do as kids! We need to do more of that everyday! 

We hope you enjoyed just a few snippets of our trip. Let us know what your favourite car is, or if you've ever been to a classic American Car Show before! You can see more pictures over on our Instagram

Have a great day!

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