The Harpercollins Summer Party!

Last Wednesday I got to experience the Harpercollins Summer Party for the second year in a row and I couldn't have felt more like I was on cloud nine. I'm catching up and sharing pictures today as I was straight off to Sweden on Thursday and didn't get round to posting, so I hope you enjoy this little catch up. 

I have to admit that last year the Summer Party went by in a little bit of a daze. I was terribly nervous and not feeling myself at all for an array of reasons. In addition, 'How to Bake a New Beginning' hadn't come out yet so I was a mix of being excited and feeling like a fraud surrounded by so many incredible authors. I still had a great time though and met so many inspiring people and it was a joy to experience the Victoria and Albert Museum; how beautiful is it, especially as the sun begins to set and the lights glow?

This year I was feeling a lot more like myself and once I had successfully got the train to London (by myself) and navigated a taxi to the pub to meet everyone before the party, the world felt like my oyster. I'm aware I have done many a thing on my own in my thirty one year existence, including getting on a plane on my own, but no matter what I still get riddled with anxiety if it's something new and I don't have Kelly by my side. So, this was a win for me.

I had such a wonderful time catching up with the amazing Katie Ginger and the lovely Zoe May. They are both brilliant, inspiring and so much fun to talk to. I also got to meet the awesome Christopher Byford and his extremely lovely wife Emma, who I had a blast chatting with. My amazing editor Cara Chimirri is beautiful and so wonderful and I felt inspired after getting to talk with her too. It was just a lovely night, filled with lots of laughter, and one I am so grateful to have been a apart of.

I even got to explore the Dior exhibit which was pretty neat. My favourite thing about it being that they had Chiara Ferragni on the wall. I adore her and did you see her wedding photos? Her dress was beyond stunning.

I feel so lucky that I got to attend the Harpercollins Summer party for a second year; it was a dream come true. I'm sorry to all the people that I didn't get to say hi to, I'm still a bit awkward introducing myself, but I hope you all had a fantastic time; you are all awesome and I hope to meet you in future!!

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Have a beautiful and happy Wednesday everyone!


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