Book Review: Secrets of a Highland Warrior by Nicole Locke.

And just like that we have reached the end of The Lochmore Legacy series. *Insert Crying face emoji* Nicole Locke finished off this wonderful four book series with 'Secrets of a Highland Warrior.' Not being one to judge a book by it's cover, all us bookworms know that right? But this book had one pretty good cover, I'm just saying!!! *Insert heart-eyed emoji.*


The key to his past…
…lies with the enemy sharing his bed!
Part of The Lochmore Legacy: a Scottish castle through the ages! Rory Lochmore had expected to wage battle, to claim land and finally secure his standing within his clan… Instead he won a wife. A McCrieff wife. Their convenient marriage could unite the two long-feuding clans forever. But can a political alliance give way to a passion strong enough to stand the secrets of the past?

My Review.

I haven't actually read a lot of Medieval romances, however I'm beginning to find that this era is one of my favourites. There's just something exciting and captivating about it. It's more primal and gritty that the regency era I read about more and I find myself loving that aspect of it. I love the castles and the clothes and the warriors!

I have to say that this book was bittersweet, because as every bookworm likely knows, when you're excited about a book and you're into it, you read it way too fast and then you have to reprimand yourself because then it's finished and you should have taken your time. I actually tried to take my time, kind of, with this book but I had to because it is the last in The Lochmore Legacy series. This series has been tons of fun to read and delve into. Not only have I enjoyed the four stories, but I've loved chatting to the authors about each book too. It made me feel extra invested.

'Secrets of a Highland Warrior,' was a page turner without a doubt. I was captivated by the clan feuds and solving the mystery of who was out to poison who. I was eager to discover more about Rory's past and how his story was told in legends. It was all very exciting. Rory was quite the man. He was strong and powerful, loyal to his clan and friend, but it was lovely to see him soften with Ailsa, although neither of them made it easy for one another. They both had loyalties to their homes and Ailsa wasn't about to let a man change her heart and her passion. She stood up for herself and gave as good as she got, which I admired alot about her. These moments often made for quite funny conversations between the two of them, because they were both so open and honest. (With certain things.) I liked that Ailsa didn't bow to Rory's demands, she asked questions and she demanded things of him too!

I'm incredibly blown away by the family story and how Janice, Lara, Elisabeth and Nicole tied it all together. To go back in time and learn about the Lochmore's has felt like a real life history lesson and I feel like I know so much and am forever connected to this big family and it's legacy. I genuinely had tears in my eyes reading the epilogue at the end of this book!!

If you are looking for a series that will send you on an adventure through the ages, then I highly recommend you pick up 'His Convenient Highland Wedding' by Janice Preston and start from there.

Happy Reading!

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