Mangia: Amaretti and Peach Crumble.

When we were in Italy back in April, our days were mostly spent around our Zia Rosetta's dining table. Lunch isn't something to be rushed in Italy, it's something to treasure each day. It's a time to be thankful for your daily bread. It's a time to take in those around you and be present.

Our lunches always had five courses:

Mozzarella and Prosciutto.
Chicken or fish with broccoletti, melanzane, beans or carrots.
Cakes and coffee.

The fresh fruit is almost like a palate cleanser before divulging in the most mouthwatering desserts from the best Italian bakeries. A lot of the time the fruit is just as satisfying, especially if it's picked locally - food always tastes better in Italy because you just know it's freshly picked if not from your own garden then your neighbours! So today on the blog we thought we would do something fruity, tied in with something that one sniff of reminds us of childhood and fills us with joy - Amaretti biscuits!! Who else just sits and inhales the scent of the bag once it's opened?? Anyone??

This is a quick and easy recipe, completely thrown together because we wanted to make it. We love a good crumble! Although unfortunately for recipe sake we did use tinned peaches - my (Kelly's) peach tree still has quite a lot of growing to do!

What you need.

2 tins of peaches.
1 cup of plain flour.
1 cup of crushed Amaretti biscuits.
1/2 cup (75g) of butter.

What to do.

Drain the peaches and place both tins into an oven safe dish. You can cut them in half if you wish.

Place the flour and butter in a bowl and rub together until all of the butter is mixed in.

Crush the Amaretti biscuits until you have 1 cups worth then add to the mix.

Place crumble on top of the peaches and bake in the oven on 180 degrees for 30 minutes,

Check at 15 minutes and cover with foil for the remaining 15 minutes if the Amaretti is burning slightly.

Chefs note: You can add more butter if you would like the texture to be a bit more crumbly-chewy which we usually do. This was delicious but a bit more crumbly.

One thing we do love about this recipe is that there is no sugar. Amaretti biscuits are already very sugary so they add the sweetness and honestly it's just the right amount you need.

What's your favourite crumble?

Buon Appetito!


  1. Lovely recipe. Thank you for sharing this recipe. I'm looking forward to trying it. :D

    Warm hugs x



    1. Aww thank you for reading. We really hope you enjoy it! :) We love a good crumble! :) <3 xx

  2. Craving for peach crumble! YUM! #DolceVitaBloggers

    1. They are so simple to make! You can never go wrong with a crumble!! :) xx

  3. This sounds incredible ladies! Another great recipe to add to my little book! Hope you're both having a great Summer xx